Thu, 06 Apr 2023 Feature Article

The Yielded Life

The Yielded Life

Until every believer begins to understand the yielded life and embrace it, he or she is living the Christian life on his/her own. However, the unyielding life is frustrating and fruitless. The reason it is fruitless is that Jesus has said that “without Me you can do nothing” (John 15:5). However, when you surrender to Christ, you give the Holy Spirit the authority to come alongside you and live the Christian life through you. That is when you begin to bear the fruit of the Spirit.

The Musical Life
The musical life is an appropriate title for a believer who sings to and for God. The good news is that our lives is a song whether we know it or not. However, it all depends of the kind of sing that our lives sings for the Lord and others. These two persons that you chose were vessels that the Lord used to promote His kingdom's work. Therefore, I encourage you to let your life continue to be a great music for Christ.

The Dynamic Life
I encourage you to read the Biography of DL Moody. Moody put many Christians to shame today who are always giving excuses for what they cannot accomplish for the Lord. That is why he is dead and yet speaks and continues to influence people today.

The Unwavering Life
I like the title you have chosen, "The Unwavering Life." Today, we need many Christians of unwavering life. The waves of destruction are waging on our culture today and we need believers of unwavering convictions to stand up for Christ in these turbulent times.

The Delightful Life
The Delightful Life is a great title for the life of an outgoing believer. The delightful life can be contagious and infectious. People would flood to the delightful life. I believe Jesus lived a delightful life that was attractive even to sinners. Delightful does not means that you approve everything or you become a person without conviction. Your life becomes delightful because it is winsome and people want to be around you. You can be firm and delightful at the same time.

The Disciple Life
The Disciple Life is one that should be thought through very carefully. When you read the Gospel of John, many who wanted to become the disciples of Jesus withdrew because they were not willing to pay the cost or the price. Being a disciple of Jesus Christ first of all means a total commitment to Him and to follow wherever He sends you. Finally, it is a life of denial and sacrifice. Today many people want to become Christians but they don’t want to deny themselves; neither do they want to make any sacrifice. However, the disciple is not greater than the Teacher Himself. Jesus lived a life of self-denial and sacrifice for us. Therefore, to be a disciple of Christ is to be His follower---to walk in His shoes.

The Determined Life
We can call the Apostle Paul the "Determined Life." Paul did not want anything to stand between his life and Christ. He was willing to know Christ in all His fullness. This should be the determination of every Christian but sadly and unfortunately, many Christians are side-tracked by so many things.

The Faith-Filled Life
We need many faith-filled believers today. The Post Modern world is one of cynicism and skepticism. Therefore, we need many faith-filled believers to face the assault on Christians and Christianity today. This means that we should have believers who know Christ intimately and can stand on the grounds and resist any dart the enemy sends our way.

The Freed Life
The freed life is the same as the liberated life. Jesus said, “If the Son sets you free, you would be free indeed” (John 8:36). True followers of Christ enjoy the free life. Unfortunately, some of us have encumbered our lives with so many entanglements that we barely live as the freed followers of Christ.

Less Stressful Life
“Less stressful Life” is one that in unheard of in our contemporary American stress society. We live in a nation of stress. Many people are filled with stress. The offices of Psychologists and Psychiatrists are filled with clients of stress, anxiety, and depression. Therefore, people would even pay to hear you speak on how to live a less stressful life. When your life exudes less stress people would come to you for solutions to their problems. This would give you the opportunity to point them to Christ.

The Lonesome Life
I do not encourage the Lonesome life. Jesus died alone but He was not lonesome because He did not live alone. He surrounded Himself with disciples who loved Him and were willing to learn from Him. It is true that some people are lonely. That is why the believing community should reach such people to help them come to Christ and they would not be lonely again. Jesus is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.