Fri, 31 Mar 2023 Feature Article

The Quiet Life

The Quiet Life

The Quiet Life is one that does not draw attention to self but does things quietly for Christ. This kind of life has become rare in our society today because we live in a world of showmanship. We live in a society where everyone wants to be the number one. In so many ways Jesus lived a quiet life. Even in His ministry, when He performed some extra-ordinary miracles, He told His disciples not to broadcast them.

The Veer Life
The Veer Life. The struggle between the flesh and the Holy Spirit is a perpetual war until Christ comes. However, we gain the victory when we take our ands of the steering wheels and allow Christ to sit at the driver's seat. In other words, when we die to the flesh on daily basis then the Holy Spirit takes control of our lives and life His life through us.

The Bountiful Life or Abundant Life
The Bountiful Life is found in John 10:10. You are right. It is the same as the abundant life. When we yield our lives to Christ, we can live the bountiful life. It is sad that sometimes those of us who are Christians live life as if we are poor because we do not know who we really are. However, when we abide in Christ and let His word abide in us we will life the bountiful life. That means we will tell others about Christ. We will not be ashamed of Him. We will be His witnesses in a world that has lost its way.

Chuck Swindoll has quoted from a source that is unknown to me that "God cannot use a person until He breaks the person." God has broken many strong willed persons who have become very useful to His kingdom. God has a way of reclaiming people whose lives would have been a waste if He did not intervene.

The Radiant Life
The radiant life is a beautiful life. It is the life that has nothing bad to hide. It is the life that is brighter and sparkling. The radiant life is a life that describes our Lord Jesus Christ. His life was not only radiant but also attractive that even the common people and the outcast found attractive. How we need many believers with radiant lives today in our world of darkness and evil.

The Relational Life
The Relational Life is a great challenge today because of virtual reality and social media. It seems that building relationships with others has become a real challenge in the world of twitter, snap chat, iPhone, Facebook, etc. Therefore, as a relational person a believer has to be intentional and purposeful to go the extra mile to build better and meaningful relationships. May the Lord continue to use you to bring relationships that would draw others to Christ.

The Regenerated Life
The New Birth is the Regenerated Life. It is the life that Jesus described or prescribed for Nicodemus who came to Him by night. If a follower of Jesus is not regenerated then he/she is a false disciple. That is similar to the life of Judas Iscariot. He was following Jesus but Jesus knew that his life was not regenerated. We have many people in our churches that are not regenerated. However, some preachers do not tell them the truth, neither do they preach the truth of the gospel to them.

A life of gratitude is a life of blessing. Any believer in Christ who exudes gratitude demonstrates contentment that pleases God. We live in a world of complaint and murmuring. We live in a society where many people are discontented in life. Therefore, a grateful person is unique to the society. Therefore, continue to exude gratitude and you would not lack God’s blessings in your life.

The Humble Life
The Humble Life is not an easy one to live in this era of pride, arrogance, and boastfulness. However, humility was one of the virtues of the life of Christ. You are right. God has a way of using setbacks in life to draw believers to live a life of humility.

The Servant Life
Today the servant life is not appealing to many people including Christians. This is the day of the me generation. Everybody wants to be first and nobody wants to serve others. On the contrary, many want others to line up and serve them. Therefore, it is peculiar when we see a person embody or demonstrate a servant's heart and attitude. I pray that you keep this attitude up and the Lord will certainly bless you. After all, He was the one who washed the disciples' feet when none of the disciples would have chosen that menial job.

The Trusting Life
The trusting life is what Christ desires of His followers. When Christ was leaving the earth for heaven, He entrusted His mission to a few men that He could trust to continue the work. On the day of Pentecost, these men who were afraid became emboldened by the Holy Spirit and they were used mightily to begin the New Testament church. Today the church has exploded and expanded all over the world.

The Truthful Life
The truthful life is a missing link today. We are living in a day of lies and deception. However, Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Therefore, if anyone becomes His follower that person should not only embrace the truth but also to live the truth. Jesus also said that anyone to whom the Son sets free that person will be free indeed. We also need to set the captives of the devil free with the truth of God's dynamic Word.

Utter Abandonment Life
The abandoned life is not a wasteful life. We abandon some things in order to achieve something better. Oswald Chambers lived a life of utter abandonment that is why Christ continue to use him to touch and impact the lives of many people today. When we give up the world's pleasures and its enticement and follow Christ, He uses us to enrich the lives of others for His kingdom.