To The Fullest Extent Feasible, I'll Collaborate With Anas Aremeyaw Anas, To fight Corruption In Ghana

Feature Article To The Fullest Extent Feasible, I'll Collaborate With Anas Aremeyaw Anas, To fight Corruption In Ghana
MAR 21, 2023 LISTEN

There is a season for everything, and in my opinion, now is the ideal time for me to express my willingness to work with the investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas to fight corruption in our beloved country. The harvest may be copious, but the laborers are few and since many Ghanaian journalists now fear for their lives as a result of the brutal murder of Ahmed Hussein-Suale in Ghana, the act has altered the country's journalism landscape and currently made it possible for the current government to be more corrupt than ever.

Ghana has turned into a nation plagued by crime and corruption, and there is no way to fix this since corrupt politicians and others in the judicial system who commit crimes are not subject to any kind of punishment. Many people are too afraid for their lives to speak out against the pervasive corruption that Akufo Addo's administration has allowed to destroy the nation's infrastructure. Regrettably, criticism and persecution have been directed at people who have committed their entire lives to fight this cancer in the nation.

Ghana's fight against corruption has become hopeless since some government-affiliated journalists and media outlets actively support and promote crime and corruption within the NPP government. It is astonishing that a new administration that promised to protect the people’s purse, would choose to continue to upgrade the culture with impunity by retaining judges and politicians who have been implicated in severe scandals in the government. Such stupidity can only be allowed in Ghana.


I will support Anas Amerayaw Anas in his fight against corruption in Ghana since dishonest judges and politicians in that country don't value what he does and want Ghanaians to believe that the investigative journalist is a monster. If the corrupt politicians and judges who work for the NPP government are all imprisoned, only then will I declare Anas to be corrupt.

The typical Ghanaian keeps making their conditions worse by inflicting poverty on themselves and tolerating any injustice offered by the current administration because they have been mentally conditioned to believe that Ghanaians are peaceful and religious people. However, if religion were significant in that nation, a pastor would not engage in corruption under a double identity. Although pastors are unable to speak out against the corruption in this country, they can pray for those who are fighting against it.

When I came across a picture of pastors, including Bishop Duncan Williams, praying for MP Sam Ablakwa, asking God for help and protection to fight corruption in the nation, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. These pastors have neglected their responsibilities to God by remaining silent about the widespread corruption in Ghana, especially under the NPP government, even though they rebuked Mahama when Ghana was in the best condition and the country's economy was in better shape.

Under the current administration, widespread corruption not only led to the collapse of the nation, increased poverty, and denied youth employment, but has also resulted in massive debt accumulation with no accountability. Yet, this government has no shame and keeps stating that "we shall break the eight-cycle" even though they are aware that the majority of Ghanaians aren’t interested in them today or tomorrow. Another ignorant NPP politician stated, "If we don't demonstrate discipline, we won't break the eight. After the destruction the NPP party has wrought upon Ghanaians and the country, Mr. Politician, what have you accomplished in breaking the eight-cycle?

According to a recent Afrobaromter survey, the majority of Ghanaians believe that the country's courts are unfair, drag out cases, and favor the wealthy. The majority of Ghanaians also agree that the Supreme Court judges are to blame for the corruption and crime that have grown out of control due to their dishonesty and more importantly, they were appointed to serve only the president and the NPP politicians, not the downtrodden masses wallowing in abject poverty.

Under the watchful eye of IMF officials, the government and its appointed judges have declared war on those battling corruption in that country, even though this is the government is seeking a financial bailout from the IMF and must, therefore, demonstrate that they are committed to helping Ghanaians. How do they anticipate that this nefarious deed will grant Ghana a bailout? I want the Ghanaian government to know that IMF staff members are not ignorant like them, but rather intelligent individuals.

Anas Aremeyaw Anas has become the nation's number one enemy since he exposed the corruption and bribery of several judges in Ghana, making their lives miserable. Ghana won't allow itself to be destroyed by uneducated tribal bigots and crooks who have assumed the guise of elected politicians. Even if it means getting my head served up on a silver platter like John the Baptist, the fearless, including myself, will make life very miserable for these dishonest judges and politicians.

To help Anas Aremeyaw Anas battle corruption in Ghana, I will officially get in touch with him. Without doing so, the majority of Ghanaians will live in abject poverty, despite Ghana's abundance of resources, including gold, diamonds, oil, and cocoa. Someone must give his life to succeed in anything and in no way am I superior to Ahmed Hussein-Suale. As we drive these dishonest politicians and judges out of Ghana’s politics and judiciary system, his legacy will live on.

As I have announced my decision to assist Anas in his fight against corruption in Ghana, those who hate this writer can start planning my assassination just like they did to Ahmed Hussein- Suale. However, I'll warn any potential attackers that "I am fearless not because I am called Savage; I was born brave and intrepid, before learning that my name is Joel Savage."