15.03.2023 Feature Article

A quick note to Lauriana Leydet - co-founder Kunbis Social Impact

A quick note to Lauriana Leydet - co-founder Kunbis Social Impact
15.03.2023 LISTEN

Hello Lauriana,
I am a writer as well as an environmental and human rights activist, who speaks truth to power in Ghana, through opinion pieces.

Research by us for a book ("Moringa/B-BOVID: A Case Study In How Not To Do Social Impact Investing"), shows that your post-Moringa business track record is solid and impressive. Bravo.

It might interest you to know that, as we speak, virtually the whole of Moringa's C-suit executives have decamped to establish Shared Wood - after Issa Oueodrago exposed Moringa as greenwashing-carpetbaggers from France, with an egregious company culture bedrocked on end-justifies-the-means corporate-criminality, using the reputation of the Rothschilds to cloak the dark ends they seek.

Lauriana, you could redeem what represents an unfortunate blot on your otherwise stellar post-Moringa reputation, by telling Issa's lawyer, Thaddeus Sory, how Moringa cheated Issa, using the Director's account of 4.9 million cedis to represent the whole value of B-BOVID, thereby ignoring both the tangible & intangible values of B-BOVID, a unique profit-sharing organic agrisector company empowering its value-chain's oil palm smallholder farmer-stakeholders to bootstrap their way to financial independence, worth far in excess of 15 -25 million cedis at the time.

That confession by you, will enable Issa to finally regain control of B-BOVID, and open the way for Kunbis to extend its Global South footprint, to Ghana, working in close collaboration with Issa. Above all, do remember that similar sharp-practice creative-valuations triggered an investigation of the Trump Organisation, by prosecutors in New York City.

Kind regards,
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