Rainbow coalitions can climb to wealth & power anywhere

Feature Article Rainbow coalitions can climb to wealth  power anywhere
NOV 1, 2022 LISTEN

The formula to economic success by hard work and perseverance is not a secret. Britain made history recently when Conservative Party members, not by direct election of the British people, chose Rashi Sunak as the Prime Minister. He came close the last time before Liz Truss without his experience became the Prime Minister. There were celebrations throughout the world by Asians and Indians in particular whose countries were colonized.

It might be too early to expect a sustained change in the United Kingdom. Rashi Sunak may and may not turn out to be Obama of the United States. But it reminds us of the same celebration around the world when Barack Obama became the U.S.A President. There were speculation of Post-Racial U.S.A. The backlash of that historic moment only breeds fire in the extremist far-right groups. No ethnic or Native group would be allowed to wrestle money or power from them.

People ignore the experiment that produced the most successful economic success in the world. The aspiration and belief that no matter our idiosyncrasies, prejudice, creed and color; when some people come together in a melting pot, they can produce economic miracles. We see this not only in America but in every continent and community where a few insightful people invested every talent and their widow's mites to produce companies others did not dream of.

Inspired by second chances, people ignore their past failures, forget their privileged status and the glory of their blood by coming together in the trenches to lift up and mine the raw ore other people missed; to produce the finest steel and gold. On the other hand, we would like to believe that in this day and age when leaders are better informed and cultured, more civilized behavior can be expected.

The Jews are still resented by extremist groups because they were able to establish institutions and exclusive clubs they could not be part of. Jewish institutions like schools, hospitals and financial houses became highly respected as any other in the world. They did not attain their success by celebration, it was done by hard work and humility. Nevertheless, we are reminded that it could have been harder if they were some visible minority that could not blend in secretly.

However, be reminded that after each defeat of facism and dictators, they can regroup years later and come back stronger in the face of complacency. The most extreme news organizations in the United States against liberal views that go nationalistic and anti-immigrants actually owned by immigrants to propagate intolerance so that they can make money for their shareholders.

European countries are undergoing some form of a renaissance since their visible minorities from Asia, Arab and African countries are increasing. They see it as an invasion of their land and culture by Barbarians, the name ancient Romans gave the same Northern Europeans. It led to resentment, not only of people outside Europe but against those in the European Union. It has been speculated that Britain broke from the European Union to prevent access to others.

Indeed, Britain had to redefine citizenship when Idi Amin gave the Indians the choice of Uganda or British citizenship. Britain prevented the “flooding” of its land by those Indians in Uganda. Whatever the case, the number of Indians and others in Britain today could not be prevented. The Africans and West Indians that were promised citizenship during World Wars could not regularize their papers until recently!

Unfortunately, normalization of Political Violence has spread across the world. We can not curb religious Violence while we justify violence in any form. When we have a sizable number of a society, even a minority, claiming that violence is a justified way to power, we open a race to the bottom. The mental toll on the children, the old and the weaker groups would affect all of us. There is no special or adaptable form of resistance that can sustain a violent society for long.

Yoruba say Alagbara ma Mero must be checked for balance of power. Even if a king or an Oba overstepped his authority, he would face open Calabash from his cabinet and commit suicide. History repeats itself before world philosophers including Africans, Asians and Europeans like John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton noted that Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The same tenacity with which men climb to power and wealth also give them the audacity to influence their ways in the society for domination and evil deeds like slavery. In other words, as a man's power increases, his moral sense of responsibility decreases. They are those that stood by and doubted immigrants’ success, yet rushed to claim ownership based on the mirage of shadow and past glory. Such people are embedded and demonstrated in all cultures.

The fear that the division between African and Latino Americans would drive more people of Spanish background into Conservative parties is ignoring the fact that it has been the tool used to expand the number of both African American and Latino into conservative and extremist parties. Once they are lured into the Right wing parties, they become the agents used against the self-interests of people like them.

How else did the Conservatives gain power in Florida with more minorities than anywhere in America? They throw tokens out some minorities, divide and rule others. Most immigrants are liberals when they come into a new country. Even new immigrants, once they cross the border, regularize their status and become citizens, join the Conservative parties to oppress the old or new immigrants that came before and after them.

As soon as they struggle and open their businesses, they join the conservative chorus for less or no taxes. The same taxes that pay for their assimilation and welfare when new in the country. The exposure in a recording of some Latina in the Los Angeles City Council celebrating power and degrading other ethnic groups within the community is not new, they are only caught. What is true in South and North America within colonized Natives is also true throughout the world.

Africans have land countries still flowing with milk and honey despite centuries of exploitation by foreigners and recent abuse by Africans themselves. This land is what others dream of as an opportunity to make a living out of it. If foreigners can make a killing while holding their noses to get rich in Africa, nothing stops Africans from making success out of their land instead of wasting talents looking for greener pastures outside.