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15 Free Websites That are So Valuable They Feel illegal to Know

Compiled for your Personal Development and Professional Advancement by Schandorf Adu Bright
By Schandorf Adu Bright
15 Free Websites That are So Valuable They Feel illegal to Know

It's hard to believe that there are so many valuable apps that are completely free. It's even harder to find the right ones, but the following list is great. Here are 15 great free websites that seem illegal to know about:

  1. Otter AI: Otter AI assists me in taking notes during meetings so I can concentrate on what's important, including listening carefully to the speaker, expressing interest, maintaining eye contact, and empathetic behavior. Otter automatically converts the audio from your meetings into text and records them.
  2. Rytr is an AI writing assistant that enables you to produce high-quality material quickly and cheaply, for free! killer content with ease.
  3. Jenni AI: An AI auto-writing application called Jenni AI will compose your emails and essays for you. Just give it a title and a few phrases, and you're done.
  4. Quillbot: Quillbot is a website that rewrites everything as original content after paraphrasing it. Very useful if you're a college student.
  5. Mailtrack: As a sales manager, I had no idea whether or not my emails were successful and gaining traction. With Mailtrack, I can learn when my emails are read, opened, and clicked on. Thanks to Mailtrack, a free and unlimited Gmail email tracking tool.
  6. PDFdrive: I read every day in my capacity as a leader. It was difficult to find the perfect book to read on time. Now, I have unrestricted access to best-selling books for free because of PDFDrive. 81,000,000 free ebook downloads are available on PDFDrive, business, leadership, sales, law, academics, technology, and other disciplines.
  7. Clubhouse: People from all around the world can connect on Clubhouse, a new kind of voice-based social network, to connect, to talk, listen, and learn from one another in real time. My mentor is Grant Cardone, I was able to talk and interact with him as well as the renowned author, Geoffrey Moore and immediately ask them questions because of Clubhouse. Join it,
  8. Pexels: it is a fantastic website where you can obtain premium stock photos for all of your professional and non-profit endeavors.
  9. Removebg: Removebg is an insane app that allows you to easily remove the background from your image and replace it with any background you desire.
  10. Loom: it is a handy little application that enables you to simultaneously record yourself and your screen so you may explain things anyway you see fit.
  11. Score808: it offers the greatest, most complete, and swiftest live streaming of Football. Free of charge.
  12. FMovies: You don't have a Netflix account, do you? Not to worry. Your savior is right here. One of the top websites for free online movie streaming is FMovies. They provide full access to a database that contains more than 20,000 movies and 5,000 TV shows.
  13. Convertio: You can convert files for free to any format you like using this service. Pdf to Doc offers a similar solution. Check them out.
  14. Coursera: It is a website where you can enroll in courses from universities like Stanford, Yale, Princeton, University of California Berkeley and many others.
  15. Duolingo: I recently visited the Ivory Coast and found it difficult to communicate in French. My coworker Joan saved me by introducing me to Duolingo, the world’s best way to learn languages for free.

Schandorf Adu Bright is a tech entrepreneur with 10 years experience in sales, management, business development and logistics. Currently, the Director of Key Accounts at Jetstream Africa, a tech logistics company based in Accra, Ghana.