24.09.2022 Feature Article

Party First – Winning 2024 and Beyond

Party First – Winning 2024 and Beyond
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The 2024 elections would be a keenly contested one between the two major political parties in the country. It is an election that would give Ghanaians the opportunity to boot out this clueless, incompetent and directionless government and bring back the National Democratic Congress (NDC) which has proven to be the only government that has the welfare of Ghanaians at heart since the inception of our fourth republic.

The Ruling New Patriotic Party have already elected its National Executives and are yet to open nominations for aspiring Presidential candidates who intend to lead the party into battle in 2024. The race for the flagbearer position looks like a two-man race between two leading members of the party, the failed economist turned IT expert would not have it easy against the trade minister whose Ministry has failed to give Ghanaian businesses hope, both contenders have performed abysmally in their respective fields and contributed to the hardship being faced by the Ghanaian people under the clueless Nana Addo / Bawumia government.

Ghanaians are now looking up to the NDC to rescue this nation and restore hope and confidence in the various sectors of our national development. The NDC cannot fail Ghanaians in 2024 and the process to restore hope in the Ghanaian has already started, the party has successfully elected leaders at the branch level and rolled out innovative measures to admit new members.

The introduction of a new electronic ID card and the use of Information Technology to manage some aspect of the electoral process at the branch and constituency level has helped to reduce the human interface in the process, this is a massive improvement in the internal electoral process and the party must be commended.

The party has currently opened nominations for members at the constituency level and aspirants for various positions are campaigning vigorously. The contest at the constituency comes with its

own challenges, in order for others to have competitive urge over their opponents, some contestants are using fair or foul means to win delegates to their side.

In some constituencies, substantive executives and the MP’s are not having a cordial relationship resulting in allegations and counter allegations between these leaders, this and other electoral challenges if not managed well during and after the constituency elections would spell doom for the party in 2024. It is important for the party to monitor such developments and put in place a mechanism to minimize the backlash of these negative tendencies on the electoral fortunes of the party.

Ghanaians are looking up to the NDC to form the next government and failure on the part of the party to organize a successful constituency election would cost the party heavily at the national polls. The delegates at the various branches who are the king makers have an opportunity to prove to Ghanaians that the NDC is made up of capable leaders who can rescue the nation from this clueless government.

It is important for all delegates to look at the larger picture and elect competent people to manage the affairs of the party at the constituency level, delegates must think party first and elect people who can unite the party at the base and win floating voters for the party, this is the only way we can win the 2024 elections.

It is my fervent prayer that all contestants would do their best to eschew divisiveness, name calling and focus on how best they can win power for the party in 2024. Our key to victory in 2024 is a united NDC. United we stand, divided we lose 2024. In all our dealings, lets think party first.

Mustapha Jimah

Executive Member Aspirant (Ablekuma Central Constituency) 0262677946