Most make amends for iniquity of slave trade others exploit it

Feature Article Most make amends for iniquity of slave trade others exploit it
SEP 12, 2022 LISTEN

The whole world traded or exchanged slaves. We must apologize to the children of those so stigmatized and make appropriate amends. The Iniquity of the father shall follow the children to their graves unless they amend their sins and those of their parents with good deeds to all. What we have today are some extremist hypocrites who double down on iniquities twisting laws, privilege and religion to perpetrate and justify injustice in the name of law and order.

We now have people that are viscerally angry taking extreme positions because they want privileges over children of those that were dispossessed by their fathers. They have seized control of governments by any means they could. If they could not do it by votes, they rigged elections, gerrymandering, outright coup d'etat or insurrection. They claim the law and God are on their side so that they can subjugate minorities and women in their societies.

Anyone that dares to inform or educate based on science or history accepted universally is projected as preaching hate or "fake" news while they counter with their own disinformation. Their intention is to confuse the polity, especially those uninformed. They split communities, families and homes into two. So much so that peaceful gathering, extended family meetings, even picnics are avoided for peace's sake.

The fear of past injustice is real. The way people express fear may be to make amends, reject the past or put on a defense mechanism to justify the unjustifiable. Some people believe the best defense for past uncivilized behavior is to go on offense. They double down on exaggerated privileges that they may lose if they do not fight like hell.

Can anyone defend slavery of the past in most societies without making amends? Apologists that excuse the iniquities of the past by preaching the good they created on the silver lining without seeking justice for their wrong are part of the perpetrators looking for escape or even justifying past wrongful deeds. They come up with "Holy or Saint" to honor evil doers in churches, and mosques and even name captured land or slave plantations.

Years of compromise in politics, moderation, Federal character and years of delicate precedents in courts are overturned with impunity. Africans are becoming un-African buttressing their positions with the privileges of alien cultures. We are no longer our Brothers' Keepers. No matter how long or immediate it is, the children of the oppressed will recover from their nightmare, religious opium and euphoria to challenge the status quo.

Reparation has become controversial in the Americas and Commonwealth countries. The ancient residents of Britain from African and Caribbean countries were denied legal papers in the Country for social benefits they worked and died for until some amends were made lately. Unfortunately, our Youths are confused, embarrassed, expecting salvation from outside, not from their own within since their leaders stretched hands out begging for foreign assistance. The efforts that should have been directed towards self-actualization are channeled into fraud, terrorism or easy endeavors turning them into bandits, ritualists, drug mules and terrorists.

We mourned more than the bereaved for the loss of their Queen, Dictator and Pharaoh as if they were Mother Theresa of the world, wishing for the return of colonial power. Youths want to relocate to locations of the good old days. Anything foreign, even in the form of bananas handed to monkeys, is enough to make some, thankfully not most, turn against their own. They use the same obscenities used by those who enslaved their grandparents against one another.

While on Iniquity and Reparation, some Africans and African Americans have savagely attacked Prof. Uju Anya, an Igbo African that happens to be a Professor in the United States. Unlike the Iniquity here, her sin is pointing to the role of Britain during the Nigeria/Biafran War. By right of her Free Speech, her views on the Queen that presided over the Commonwealth. We cannot hide the decimation and destruction of Native cultures and people in Americas, Asia and Africa.

She is not the only one that has spoken out on this, many scholars did. What is more embarrassing is the circular firing squad created by a few well informed African Americans feigning ignorance. The Yoruba word AKATA is not the problem, rivalry between some earlier African American, many before Columbus and recent Africans is older than the awareness of the AKATA word. Prof. Anya is not Yoruba where the word comes from. Indeed, Yoruba call Nigerians coming back from overseas Akata, Oyinbo, Omowale, Sobowale,Tokunbo etc.

When Arthur Ashe came home to Nigeria, they named him Omowale. Though Akata or Oyinbo may not be as faltering, Black Panther is another wild beast meaning AKATA. They were not named by Yoruba! But any name that people feel is not proper must be dropped from civilized discussion. Akata or Oyinbo is not a name most Nigerians find flattering. Believe it or not, some Yoruba, especially some Youths find it amusing when so called. Some even called one another NIGGA for which they were cautioned against like African Americans caution their Youths.

Trying to create uproar out of poor Prof. Uju Anya for expressing the obvious about the Queen that came from the line of those who pride themselves as the conquerors of Africa, Asia and Americas is misplaced. Turning it into a tribal war between Africans and African Americans with the word AKATA or Oyinbo is despicable. Many of us still remember the last time this tribal war raised its ugly head: OBAMA IS NOT ONE OF US!

However, most African Americans voted for Obama. Even during the Democrats Primary, some well informed and educated African American colleagues campaigned against Obama. Some of those claimed it was not his turn. Recently, another friend said openly that Africans sold them and then followed them to America to take the Quota reserved for them. The Asians sue in court because they think they are cheated out because of the same Quota!

Haba! We are yet to see Irish, Polish, Scottish or Greek Americans attack their own immigrants from home the way some African Americans attack Africans. Quota like Affirmative Action has become a dirty word all the way to the U.S Supreme Court. Indeed, African Americans before or after Columbus and African students have denied their minority status to the Admission Offices in the Ivy League Colleges because of the Stigma. Prof. Uju Anya qualified for her position in her own right, not because she snatched a position reserved for African American.

African Americans are not only respected all over the world, Africa places them on a higher pedestal. Nkrumah, Azikiwe, Awolowo, Nyerere and others invited African Americans home during and after the fight for Independence. Chief Justice Alexander of Nigeria, reputable scholar W.E.B Dubois in Ghana and the United States Justice in South Africa were just three cases in point that worked in Africa. Please show love and direct your anger to the right places.