How African Software Developers Can Make Money Online

Technology How African Software Developers Can Make Money Online
AUG 25, 2022 LISTEN

African software developers are talented individuals who can write very clean and efficient codes based on the client’s requirements, however, the problem they face is that there are limited employment opportunities in Africa due to which they struggle to make a good income for themselves. But, they shouldn’t worry as there are multiple ways of earning money through the internet. Today, we have got some ways by which software developers in Africa can make money through the internet:


Freelancing is the ultimate way by which many developers all around the world are making a good income for themselves. It is a highly lucrative source of income for talented software developers. Not only is freelancing popular in African nations, but it is popular all over the world. There are multiple freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc through which skilled software developers can enter the freelancing world and make a good income.

People from all over the world hire professional developers on these platforms and they pay in foreign currencies, usually, US Dollars, which makes it very much lucrative for African developers because of the exchange rates.

Become A Bounty Hunter

Bounty programs are a lucrative way for software developers to make a decent side income and also make a name for themselves. Big companies like Google, Omegle, Facebook, Twitter, etc launch different bounty programs where the software developers have to find and point out the security flaws and vulnerabilities. Those African developers that are skilled in cybersecurity and know how to discover cyber security flaws can benefit from these programs.

Just by finding a security flaw or vulnerabilities, software developers can earn thousands of dollars. Those developers from Africa that are skilled in finding security loopholes can work with a team of programmers and all can work as bounty hunters for various companies to find security flaws and get paid for it.

App/Game Development

Application development or game development is related to the field of software development and it is a good way for software developers to make a decent income through the internet. African developers that hold expertise in programming languages like Swift, Objective-C, or Java can earn a lot of money by making apps and games and monetizing them.

By developing apps and games, developers from Africa can make a decent income without even having to go anywhere. The mobile apps and games industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Developers from all over the world are making thousands of dollars every month through this industry.

You just need to make sure that the game or app you are developing is unique, interactive, trending, and compels the users to return back. If you are able to create such a game or app that not only compels users to come back but also provides a unique feature or unique gameplay, you will be able to make a lot of money through it.

Teach Programming Courses

As a software developer, you can also teach programming courses on the internet. Creating a programming course and then selling it on the internet is a great way to generate passive income. You must be familiar with software development and teaching it to someone wouldn’t be a problem for you. Software developers from around the world are making a fortune by teaching software development. There are different platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, etc that let you sell your course.

Finding an audience and building a customer base is difficult in the start but you can find an audience through different social media platforms like Facebook, Chatroulette, Twitter, etc and build a customer base by offering free tutorials. Once you have got a customer base, it wouldn't be difficult to sell your courses to them.

Develop A WordPress Plugin/Theme

Another way of making passive income from the internet is by developing a WordPress Plugin or Theme. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System and by building a WP plugin or theme, you can generate good passive income. You just need to have expertise in software development and you build a product that everyone needs.

You can identify a problem and then create a plugin to solve that problem or you can make a highly interactive and customizable theme that isn’t available on the market. This method will only work if your product, whether it is a theme or plugin, is able to bring something unique to the table and make a difference.

Write And Sell E-Books

Writing and selling ebooks is another way of making income from the internet but it is difficult among all the mentioned ways. There is no doubt that selling ebooks is very profitable but the problem with ebooks is that you should be either very famous or provide something very valuable to people that they cannot find elsewhere.

If you are simply creating an informative ebook about software development, you are just wasting your time. There are hundreds and thousands of ebooks already available about software development. You need to provide something valuable to people and if you are able to do so then you can make a lot of money just by selling your ebook on Amazon and other websites.