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26.06.2005 Feature Article

Our Culture Will Not Be Sold Out For Gay Lifestyles

Our Culture Will Not Be Sold Out For Gay Lifestyles
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I read an article on myjoyonline where it put a spotlight on a Gay community in Accra demanding health rights. Our culture is priceless and will not be sold out and televised for gay rights. Being gay or a homosexual is a choice one makes and a choice one has to deal with including the consequences that comes along with it. They probably have been watching too much television seeing gay parades and gay marriages in the Netherlands or San Francisco, USA. They see a man kissing man, a woman kissing a woman or a woman holding a woman's hands and think our country's laws has to change so we can accommodate such practice.

Our country forbids such practice and if one happens to practice it illegally and behind closed doors, they will have to pay for the consequences. Years ago no Ghanaian would even dare to suggest he or she is gay. They do it in the closet because it is illegal and their business. The Arab world has laws which must not be broken and homosexuality is forbidden there too. Ghana has laws and must not be broken.

While some of us are not interested in that practice and don't even care about one's sexual preferences, the values of our country were not built on such practice. No amount of gay pride parades or "Wahala gay demonstrations" will intimidate Ghanaians. I like the policy former President Clinton imposed in the US Army for gays; don't ask and don't tell.

Our country has become a hub for gay visitors because our currency is devalued and a foreign currency will probably pay for many multiple gay partners. The influx of gay visitors from outside Ghana who see homosexuality as a right in their countries has increased this practice and exposed many who were practicing it in the closet and feared being ridiculed by their friends and family when exposed.

Research and many talk shows have revealed that many homosexuals have multiple partners and that has increased death among them through HIV/AIDS. The shocking part about the homosexual practice is that they are the ones vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. What about if those infected don't have the funding to pay for a cure? Which means he or she has to die with no cure.

Our country will not be sold out for a man or a woman who chooses to sleep with which ever man or woman he or she pleases and demands a right for health. If a man or a woman contracts a disease and goes to the hospital, he or she must pay for cure and no laws prohibits hospitals from treating gay patients. In the eyes of the law all should be treated equally in terms of health matters. We don't have free health for gays.

The best advise for gays is either they abstain from sex or protect themselves.

We have laws and if homosexuality is forbidden why should we accommodate them. If we give them rights, Accra will be the sister city of San Francisco and there will be lots of "Adwoa Kwadwos" and "Kwaku Marys' also known as "him shim" as we see them in Europe and USA.

It is their business and a price they pay for that choice. Ghana, our motherland will not sell out the sweat and toil of Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah aided by his beloved wife Fatia for gay rights. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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