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Juneteenth: The Present Lessons and Duties Beyond Celebration.

Juneteenth: The Present Lessons and Duties Beyond Celebration.
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Studying history from 'what' happened is just a starter, 'why' adds significant value with limitations, 'how' is crucial to the real learners. When, who, and where are all vital aspects. If President Abraham Lincoln declared the end of slavery on January 1, 1863; but Delaware and Kentucky Refused until December 18, 1865; and Texas Refused until June 19, 1866. It demands 'how' it happened or it may repeat on other wrongs like 'marijuana legalisation'. The forwarded excuses by Historians may be fractional facts at times, so thinkers must dig deeper for the full facts, at least for learning purpose. How and why did the Federal government allowed the delay, and how other blacks In other states fought or under fought for fellow blacks in Resisting states then and now? Every generation have wrongs to rectify, but the 'stupid' may not see present wrongs, and 'cowards' may prefer collecting 'reparations' of past wrongs than fighting present wrongs. I like using marijuana laws as example, because it is the most vivid wrong of our time, or please tell me which group are in prison most and/or denied working opportunities than marijuana users? The term 'guilty victims' is real beyond blacks and is never to give pass to 'guilty culprits', its instead help prevent future wrongs.

Fractional facts: Questionable Historians will claim there were not enough Federal troops in Texas as excuse, but Kentucky is a small state and Delaware is a super small state that a Determined Federal government or even 'black panther' spirited type group of few thousands can conquer within days. The will was not there or even Texas could have been subdued by force or financial pressure. Some Questionable black Americans like to ask why Africans did not come rescue them from slavery, but did freed African Americans fought enough and on time to free Texas+? Don't ask me why my grandparents did not come help your grandparents, go to the graves and ask them. What are African Americans doing to force even a Federal legalisation of cannabis, and in Africa? I am one of the Africans who helped legalisation in u.s more than your FarraKhans, Jesse Jacksons, Jay Zs, and others. They are busy thinking about 'financial reparations' of past wrongs, thus blinded from seeing top present wrongs to fight for God's Reparations and human reparations for present wrongs?

Slavery+ in cause and allow: slavery is vivid cruelty that was allowed for too long due to 'stupidity'. The root of cruelty is often greed, but the root of stupidity is often fear. Our present black generation must ask why do we largely have intolerable level of fear above other races, then and now? We over value life! Once you are ready to die for reasonable standard, you will fight and probably gain life, as the Bible hinted. It is good to tolerate and negotiate, but it must have limits. Devils in all races like to use fear to control people. Black devils like Yahya Jammeh used fear to control fearful Gambians, many of whom sadly justify their cowardly behaviors as 'smart' or loyalty. The same greed that led to cruel slavery is very vivid in u.s cannabis laws and other countries.

Gradual Freedom due to mindsets+: The brave or semi brave who fought for freedom in Texas were happy to be segregated and live under other wrongs? Pass on the baton of burden? The cruel whites have mastered giving breadcrumbs 'freedom' and giving excuses work, at least temporarily. When you deeply oppressed million blacks+, it may take decades or centuries for half of them to know enough, and only about a quarter of those who know will be willing to fight? 'Let others fight', we enjoy or ask for reparations is sick, it is a combination of fear and greed. Even though most of the marijuana law victims are blacks and males, the top organiser/fighters for legalisation were mainly whites until recently. Singing millions of weed songs without calling for regular mass demonstration, referendum organising, etc was just baiting kids for the cops, while enriching self. NormL existed before I was born, but blacks neither joined in droves or started something similar and with different tactics. Considering the number of blacks in marijuana versus crack or cocaine, it's pathetic to cry over sentencing disparities between crack and cocaine as racist. You do not have to like marijuana to fight the injustice, I started the fight when I thought marijuana users are 'mistaken' , but the laws as cruel and hypocritical. It was later I was accepted into marijuana and discover many blessings that comes with it. When the burden of slavery is off your back, you can take a break, but when will you resume, urge your children to fight or stop them as not wise, 'I don't want to lose you'? When ten or so states legalize marijuana with relative success, why can't you mass demonstrate in every state every Sunday or last Sunday of the month to force our Abraham Lincoln or Joe Biden+ understand his/their excuses are insulting? State by state started cannabis criminalisation, but the federal government jumped in and pressured other states and countries; legalisation demand similar and is less controversial because you are not forcing anyone to take marijuana, you are just telling arrogant neighbors that drunkards, cigarette users, and LGBTQ folks are not better neighbors or co-workers than average cannabis folks. You can regulate reasonably to avoid public smoking or disturbing. Forcing everyone to stop marijuana then, versus allowing only those who want to use it, now?

Reparations and Conflicts: I like consistency and hate being a culprit, not just being a victim. I have publicly opposed Barrack Obama on many things, but I agree with him on reparations for slavery, perhaps on different grounds. I prefer timely fights, not late fights, but late is another problem blacks are intolerably guilty of than other races. The blacks who suffered slavery or segregation+ had the opportunity to fight and ask for reparations. Yes, ' legacy victims' is real, but minimal and deferrable to God for payment. Claiming 'white' legacy or benefit warrant forcing all whites to pay does not sit well with my conscience, considering the good whites I know do me no wrong, or may have helped in other ways. I see way beyond race and gender, despite the fact that I strongly fight for my gender and race where I deem fit. Blacks who argue Jews and others got reparations failed to calculate timely asking and the dangers of copying. I am not yet forgiving the possible wrongs some dead whites+ did to me indirectly , but I do not like wasting time on the past, I rather spend such time on the present and future. I do not want to pay for the possible wrongs of my grandparents or even a president I voted for to do good (not wrong), so I cannot ask a good White or Arab to pay for the wrongs of their grandparents. Imagine the grandchild of a White who died while fighting for black freedom, while some blacks cowardly abstained, and I take money from such? I confront the present guilty white, Arab, Black, and beyond. Another way to see race is gender, both are groups: I do not want to pay for the crimes of Rapists+ and will crucify any girl or boy who think I should pay through association. My task is to help eliminate or minimize wrongs between the genders, races, humankind+ of my time and beyond my immediate surrounding. Part of that is due to gratitude, care, and seeding for God to pay beyond human reparations. The billions black America paid in marijuana fines, property seizures, lawyer fees, prison time, work denials, etc are present age wrongs that guilty companies should pay Reparations, trillions, for. Who will spearhead the timely fight and what percentage for the worldwide activists? Instead of reward and honoring, U.S is actually over punishing White Marc Emery of Canada for helping free blacks+, build billions for u.s cannabis industry, or for helping destroy private prison robbery and other questionable industries they prefer? Our Children or your grand children cannot demand our dues, I and others deserve the pay and even against some blacks+ who cowardly and arrogantly fight me and others. Guilty Obama+ does not have the guts to legalize marijuana or publicly urge Biden to stop the excuses, sign executive order, end Federal arrests and urge states, or try other means. How many times Biden, Obama, and others spoke up for LGBTQ versus marijuana users around the world?

Will and Excuses: Abraham Lincoln reluctantly subdued, he may be better than some whites, but he did not have the strong will to see Blacks free beyond slavery. Joe Biden is reluctantly subduing on marijuana, but he does not have the will to see blacks+ free to choose marijuana over beer or other products. Many people do not prefer drunkards or LGBTQ as neighbors, we legalized such and ask others to conquer fear and arrogance. So forwarding excuses like 'some people do not want cannabis in their neighborhood' is very insulting. The cannabis plant in my house or center of my back yard is not disturbing my closest neighbor; when I use cannabis oil or vape in many public spaces, zero to two meters is enough regulation to tame fears. Some need it for medicine+, but the wants of fearful minority are echoed or valued over needs? Shame on the mainstream media that sold the lies and fractional facts against cannabis for decades, under fight for us off late, claiming Biden is empathetic to thousands while denying millions natural safe medicine, and will they pay Reparations and my writing time and energy? I will take money, but certain that God will pay me lot more if I remain truthful. I thank and pray for the past fighters even where I partially criticise them. May God bless Showlove Trinity: Let's learn, let's work,let's have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo

An Activist and Transformer

Twitter: [email protected]

Note: over identifying with a group is actually the chief culprit, even though under identifying can be problematic. Life is a distinctive test from collective tests. Since you cannot know or defend everyone In your groups, you must focus on teaching and demanding evidence before punishment. Black America may understand some of the evil tactics by the worst of whites, compare to Africans in Africa; but Black America must also understand good whites exist, plus bad blacks exist beyond tribalism and even Racism. Even on the present day wrong we identified on cannabis laws, black Africa is still terrible. When majority of blacks think it is OK to oppress a minority of blacks, due to fear+; it is not much different from when a white majority oppress a black minority due to fear. The few African countries that minimally legalised cannabis did so for money, greed. We must learn how fear, greed, and arrogance are the real enemies and may pitch us against each other until we understand personal rights are as important as public rights.

Kentucky over resisted freeing slaves and the home state of Mitch McConnell, the Terrible Republican senate leader? Delaware, the home state of Biden also seems to have long history of Devils, from Resisting the abolition of slavery, a governor stopping/vetoing marijuana legalisation in 2022, and Joe Biden fooling how many from the 90s to date? Although we have a collective responsibility to help each other, we must fight for home countries/states going forward. Do what you can at town/county level, state/country level, and keep pushing for worldwide marijuana legalisation. We have the right to travel around the world and without fear, we also have the responsibility to help sick people in every country know the wonders of marijuana when God wills. Social media is a huge blessing that black people continue to under utilize. Prayers are among the good deeds, sharing photos can be good or bad, gossip is bad, but where and how often you fight for justice or 'exhorting each other to Truth... ' as per ch.103? Some of our hypocritical religious leaders are cowards like many old blacks we must dissociate with, at least on some ways. When you have cruel leaders like Jammeh and IMAMS+ feared him or bank on prayer, the young must understand responsibilities or be guilty like many parents. There are good things we learned from our parents, but we cannot repeat their shortcomings, expect a different outcome or God will still love us? We can pray for our parents, acknowledge their good deeds, but never defend their wrongs. Whites or Arabs+ who dare defend the wrongs of their parents, especially on sins between creatures, will heavily clash with my type or much stronger ones.

Biden is trying to take credit in relatively important things, but failing on the most important ones? He has ended private prison contracts at Federal level, which helps reduce greed and dangerous lobbying. Shifting those taxed dollars to where? Not culture of cameras for civilians. He is still sending our people disproportionately to prison over marijuana, which promotes arrogance and cruelty, worse than a dent on greed? He recognised juneteenth as holiday, a past wrong, but he is repeating worse than How Abraham Lincoln allowed Texas to do evil until juneteenth is now seemingly more vital than January 1, 1863? He successfully nominated a questionable black woman to the supreme Court, but how does that compare to countless black+ mothers whose children or partners are in prison to satisfy the fears of individuals, the greed of companies+, and the arrogance of individuals and politicians?

Our media personnel must learn to rectify some mistaken minds among ourselves. We cannot justify any wrong to whites or Arabs due to past wrongs, but we must fiercely fight present wrongs until they feel a new black race is on the rise and God's curse be upon anyone who dare try to stop us, including blacks.

Historian Mitch Kachun is credited in saying 'the celebration of end of slavery have three goals: to celebrate, to educate, and to agitate'. We celebrate the minor+ achievements as gratitude; we must honestly learn before we can educate; we must link to agitate. Peace and blessings be upon all the great freedom fighters, regardless of tribe, race, gender, or nationality. Peace and blessings be upon the Angels and every good spirit. And Praises be to the Lord of the universe.

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