Tinubu Deserves His Dues As Buhari Renews Fulani Reign

Feature Article Tinubu Deserves His Dues As Buhari Renews Fulani Reign
JUN 12, 2022 LISTEN

Who told you Buhari would vote for Tinubu, his Party Presidential candidate; for whia?

They actually used Tinubu to capture the Presidency the same way the South have been inviting Fulani leaders for Alliance since the sixties. The British preferred them as the leaders in the SouthEast, SouthSouth and lately SouthWest did. SouthSouth preferred them to avoid domination by their Southern neighbors. SouthEast formed an alliance with them from the 60s to spite the SouthWest and SouthWest did it in 2015 hoping Buhari would pass them the baton.

Nothing changed. Even if Osinbajo had been endorsed publicly by Buhari, he could never defeat Atiku in the North. What some folks rightly pointed out is that Buhari and the Fulani have accomplished their goal to keep power in the North as long as Nigeria exists as a country. Their game conclusion is to pave the way for Tinubu with his voracious greed that scares every part of Nigeria except those addicted money-mongers in the West he captured. Ask Lagosians.

The South cannot repeat the same feat every time in favor of Fulani leaders and expect a different result from power hungry Oligarchy who think they are born to rule. Take them seriously when they say the "North" would rule forever. There are few Fulani or Hausa that will dump Atiku for Tinubu or Peter Obi. Until the South and the North Central decide to rally around and vote for one of the other parties or a new party, Atiku wins.

Buhari is the head of the Fulani oligarchy that dominates the political power of Africa's most populous country, regardless of APC or PDP candidate. There are many ways to skin a cat, party loyalty is only one of them. But anyone that thinks Buhari would be loyal to a party at the expense of Fulani self-interest, in a country where there is no ideological conviction, is naive or a neophyte.

Tinubu won the flagship of APC and Atiku won the flagship of PDP to contest for the President of Nigeria because their money is power. While it is true that politicians without money can still win, it takes a sincere dedicated revolution of the mind. Tinubu and Atiku have come out winners despite the fact that they are the most corrupt Presidential candidates out of all the contestants. Until lately, only Fulani and Hausa could keep their eyes on the price without financial corruption. Buhari burst that myth into pieces.

There is no one among the delegates in particular and Nigeria in general that does not know how Atiku and Tinubu made their money, yet more Nigerians have resigned to corruption as a fact of life and the way to survive is to join them if you cannot beat them. Even those we thought have integrity have resigned to their parties' picks where foreign money that could have elevated the suffering of the masses were openly displayed and the candidate with ice cream with popcorn, Osinbajo, derided. Na ice cream and popcorn we go chop?

However, Fulani have always kept their eyes on Power rather than Money. When you secure Power, natural resources, foreign income and foreign loans flow in naturally when you are in control. They no longer trust or support any Southerner surrogate as President, Federal character or other merit based positions since they can manipulate their way in. Southern Nigerians always put the cart before the horse. They worship money first, by any means.

When Tafawa Balewa became Prime Minister, he negotiated by relinquishing the Finance portfolio to the South. Gowon from the Middle Belt reminded the country that he is a Northerner when he became Military Head of State. He released Awolowo from Federal Prison which his predecessor, Ironsi failed to do after many requests and pleas. More importantly, he appointed Awolowo Commissioner for Finance the South desired as usual.

It shows the political sophistication and chicanery of the Fulani compared to the Southern money worshippers that would sell their birthright for pottage. Do not forget that after Awolowo left as Finance Commissioner, it was Southerners that preached Liberal Market. The North was against it until they realized that their families can enjoy Western education beyond Arab religious teaching. Indeed some Nigerians like Dr. Sodipo and Fela Anikulapo paid dearly in jail for alleged violations of the 100 pounds limit on travelers going abroad.

It was not until Obasanjo as civilian President that he rehabilitated the marginalized Igbo into substantive positions as Finance control. It must be pointed out that Clement Nyong Isong, was also in charge of the Central Bank under Gowon. By the time Fulani got interested in Finance, Lamido Sanusi, an Islamic scholar, was planted as a manager in a private bank to later become the Governor of the Central Bank. More Northerners took over the parallel financial market.

The point here is that Northerners were not interested in money until the new generation got involved and experienced what foreign currencies and income laundering can obtain in Western countries. Yet, they have not abandoned their ideological pursuit of conquering the South. They openly demand that the Presidency must remain in the North After Buhari. Regardless of who the Presidential candidates are in either APC or PDP and who won, Power remains in the North.

The Fulani and their Hausa accomplices that lost their Seven States to Usman Dan Fodio have attracted minorities from the North Central with One-North or Hausa/Fulani slogans. The South will never become President of Nigeria again until they can produce an Obasanjo or a Danjuma from the Middle Belt that would champion their agenda, not that of Fulani. Indeed, the chances of One Nigeria has slipped away.

Unfortunately, the South and NorthCentral have not learnt from the regrets of both Danjuma and Obasanjo when Buhari fooled them as a Nigerian patriot. Since he came out to show his true color, it is too late to turn back time. Buhari also realizes that this is his best opportunity to renew Fulani reign because the new generation of Southerners have woken up to the Fulani game plan. New generation of NorthCentral will be a tougher nut to crack with the One-North slogan.

Farouk Martins Aresa @oomoaresa

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