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They Armed Insurgents For Civil Wars But Blame Mental Patients

They Armed Insurgents For Civil Wars But Blame Mental Patients
06.06.2022 LISTEN

How can you celebrate gun culture, perpetuate fear, mental anguish and trauma on communities and victims, then turn the table on mental patients as the cause in need of solution? Distraction! We have to accept that there are folks out there throughout the world who believe in the "good old days" when their fathers conquered the rest of their world.

So, nobody should be surprised that they demonstrated visceral reaction when constituted Authorities try to curb their privilege to commit mass murderers. It sounds logical that any man must have the right to defend himself. But you cannot use jungle justice, overwhelming and disproportional force within civil society, like a hammer to kill a fly; unless you believe you are at war with fellow citizens.

This is when you declare your political opponents, neighbors and other ethnic groups as enemies, then wage war against them. Many of the mass murderers start as domestic violence that went unchecked. We are wondering if Africans have abandoned their culture that we are our brothers Keepers in exchange for an immoral violent culture of a global village. The African saying that it takes a village to raise a child was a lesson to the world.

We cannot raise children in the culture of violence and expect a different culture from the days of the Barbarians. It is ironic that mass murderers thirsty for the blood of their victims are using self defense and crimes to justify the rights to strike soft targets by surprised. They kill their human prey unaware. Yet, it is either they have their way or burn down the house. Insurgents weapon of choice is not hunting guns, bow and arrow but expensive high powered rifles like 19mm, 45 acp, MR-15 and MK-47 that can outgun the local Police or many constituted Authorities.

We know the children, homeless folks, those driving while Black and mental patients can be shot on sight or in seconds while mass murderers miraculously come out alive after Police chase or investigations. Stop the charade, we know who brag, can accumulate and carry guns, shoot in broad daylight on the street and get away with it. Their victims that have better reasons for self-defense are vulnerable and barely armed as soft targets kidnapped and killed in schools, grocery markets and places of worship.

If anyone needs protection to arm themselves, It is not the perpetrators of mass murderers and mental anguish caused on the families of those killed or traumatized. It is the victims they go after with impunity that need protection and prevention as self defense. If you can brag about shooting anyone and getting away with it, kill as many defenseless people as possible, why else would you use a high powered gun for self protection as mass murderers?

Defenders of mass murderers try to deflect blame and make nebulous excuses that cannot solve the worst crime of mass murder from occurring again and again. They blame foreign Fulani, immigrants, gangs or mental patients knowing that any crime is detestable in any community. Some are bold enough to even claim that one of the massacres at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in USA, was a hoax. It resulted in a defamation lawsuit won by parents of children killed in the shooting.

Nobody wants to be victims of crimes in their communities but to excuse mass murderers and shift the focus on others as the way of distraction until another mass murderer strike again is despicable. Less than 5 percent of mass shootings are committed by diagnosable mental health patients. The Violent Acts linked to Mental Illness are less than 5% according to Research: Wall Street Journal 6/1/2022.

Well informed educated and calculated people intentionally create and exploit underclass to use as foot soldiers, peasants and poor to recruit for their causes. But abandon them after use. Appealing to their emotional hearts to gain their trust is part of the calculated plan. They justify their plot with everything including holy books since the poor and helpless will always be with us.

There are people on the fringe that have lagged behind in life enticed with immediate gratification like stomach infrastructure, waiting to be recruited by special interest groups in power. They are promised the same success as hard working folks. But they had voted out the Unions that gave them middle class life, good pay that took care of families, cars and houses. Based on employers promises of more money because they did not want to pay Union dues.

Other countries can learn from the demise of upward progress of Nigeria to Regional Power in the 60s. What has been demonstrated is that those that ignore or encourage violence at home and within communities have also been victims of their own ignorance. Sometimes, mass killers go after their closest relatives and communities before or after taking their angst outside.

We now know that the violence that has already engulfed Nigeria and other African countries were sponsored by leaders just as we see in the so-called most advanced countries. It does not exclude responsibility from the very top, "Oga at the top". We should not be surprised because there were warnings about the calibers of the people we elected, appointed or voted to lead us.

Danjuma, the Fulani wannabe, now wants his people in the Middle Belt to defend themselves against the Fulani he championed as Army Chief. Obasanjo, the Fulani last joker against Yoruba could not believe this is the same patriotic Buhari, the champion of Fulani terrorists. Gen Malu that led the massacre at Oddi got paid back and cried like a baby when his relatives and people were massacred at Zaki Biam. Even Buhari, was shaken by his narrowly escaped when Boko Haram almost got him in Kaduna. What goes around comes around.

However, as we produce better computers that increase our efficiency, we have also used the same brains to move from bows and arrows to more sophisticated guns. Man did not stop there, we have more atomic and nuclear bombs that can destroy the world many times over than we want. The fear is, we are capable of producing more intelligent robots than we are. The same way we are obsessed with weapons of mass destruction.

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