Speech by STARFA President

Speech Speech by STARFA President
JUN 3, 2022 LISTEN

Mr. Chairman, the Media, Fellow Scientists and Engineers, Technologists, invited guests, students, ladies and gentlemen:

The Science & Technology Advocacy Renaissance Foundation for Africa (STARFA) is a Ghanaian based non-governmental non-profit making organization with a mission to revolutionize application of science and technology for national development.

The Foundation, therefore, seeks to promote industrial implementation of Science & Technology Research Findings. That is, moving away from the usual talk shop to an era of implementation of Science & Technology research findings; for job creation, reduction in high incidence of diseases or HIV/AIDS menace, road transport accidents and peace restoration to Africa, since lack of employment can lead to conflicts over few opportunities that exist, hence the World Science Day for Peace & Development.

STARFA has chosen to launch its S&T Media programme on the World Science Day for Peace & Development. The multi billion dollar question is why ‘Peace and Development’ are attributes of science, according to UNESCO? The programme “Science In Action Is Technology” TV series is geared at technology transfer from the academia to the common man through the media. The involvement of the media in pressing home the need for ensuring application of S&T for human development and economic stability is long overdue, for it is richer to be taught how to fish than to be given fish. In order to ensure total involvement of the Media in promoting application of science and technology for job creation, STARFA has developed a package dabbed “Science In Action Is Technology” TV series. That is packaging the research outcomes from research and technical institutions for investors’ attraction and adoption, so as to attract investors to the research institutions and the universities, thereby not only enhancing internally generated funds of the research and technical institutions but also industrial growth.

In order to bridge the gap between the academia, industry, technical and vocational institutions, STRFA involves all levels of education in the country, hence the choice to launch its maiden edition of S&T TV programme in a typical technical institution such as this, for together their expertise will move the nation forward.

Africa still struggles in the quest for scientific and technological development for industrialization and poverty eradication.

Research findings have been gathering dust on the shelves of research institutions in the developing world, Africa, for that matter; contributing to breeding of poverty a recipe for conflicts, wars and destruction, since job creation and innovation are products of application of Science and Technology.

Science and Technology related bills such as the Engineering Bill and others must be passed to enhance application of Science &Technology in high level of standards and safety. Science & Technology professionals such as the engineers, scientists or researchers and technologists should be rewarded for their brainstorming activities. Thus, the need for an annual Science &Technology award scheme like that for the farmers, to encourage research and development as well as to prevent brain drain that affects the industrial capacity of developing countries like Ghana.

STARFA has started vigorous research into this Continental S&T Awarding Scheme under these categories:

  • Most Outstanding Engineer of the year
  • Most Outstanding Scientist of the year
  • Most Outstanding Science & Technology Journalist & Media House of the year
  • Most Outstanding Science & Technology Promo Company of the year
  • Most Outstanding Science & Technology Professional Group of the year
  • Most Outstanding Inventor, Technologist and S&T Research Team of the year: The overall Award.
  • Most Outstanding Science and Technology Institution of the year

STARFA, therefore, seeks Government collaboration in this direction.

The media, NGOs and other stakeholders in the country’s economic liberation struggle are all entreated to promote Science &Technology related activities as they do for sporting activities, for wealth creation, peace and development.

STARFA hopes the research institutions, private individuals and the media shall put their hands on deck to ensure success of this innovative project.

We appeal to the Presidency for support for the better Ghana agenda. Thank you.

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