Building Resilience Amongst Critical People. Part 1

Feature Article Building Resilience Amongst Critical People. Part 1
MAY 30, 2022 LISTEN

Are you criticised for everything you do?…do you feel like you are not fit for anything good and even worse, assume nothing good can happen to you?…Have you been despised by people of advantage?…Have you been “faced” and battered by people you serve and looked up to so much that you are beginning to feel worthless about yourself?..Oh! you even feel dejected and treated unfairly and quite harsh?…have you bought into the general assumption that people will criticize you for anything you do?

…Well I have been there!…Not one or two times but many many times growing up! ..for so many times, I have been rebuked by people I loved and admired whose interests I sought to guard and advance in some very selfless bids!…for years I was hurt by people I thought should know better and help me get better in a more Kind treat!…I have suffered many scars in misunderstandings and misjudgements that would easily make anyone hate God and His people!…I am sure there are some of you readers out there like me!…Let me try and help you.

Like they have been for me, all those times are well calculated by the God who loves us and rules in the affairs of His people for your Good! Actually, a good number of these situations are for our rising if we’d act in wisdom according to God’s Words.

Let this enter your Spirit if you really want to stop such treatments at least amongst reasonable people; Be Consistent with your pursuit of Good!…The ant is consistent with doing little things for a big impact and so even Jesus entreats us to learn from that wisdom.

Look, Humanity is consciously and unconsciously looking for consistency and sustained efforts that better their lives and environment from duty bearers and those to whom much has been given. Servants must be Faithful and consistent! That is how criticism can ever stop. We often say “whatever you do, men will talk about it” and sometimes follow with apathy but this is the key; Faithfulness and consistency founded on good courage to endure the contradiction of sinners. (Selah).

In my experience of dealing with all kinds of people as God enlarges my coast daily, I’ve realised If you go left today, and right tomorrow, you’ll definitely be criticized. If you go “left left left” and do not carry others along the vision, you’ll be criticized by those who lack understanding. If you even carry others along and it is not for a shared good, you will be criticized! because people are not static beings. They are rational beings in changing settings that must be helped to appreciate things our way without assumptions and prejudice. You have that responsibility to help them appreciate your thinking and vision.

This is the conclusion of the whole matter, If you want to serve without being criticized, my answer to you is to be faithful in full assurance of faith in God and the final judgement from the same father of creation.

1 Corinthians 4:2 Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.

Here is a consolation to help; through it all, keep in mind Life gets better for those who resolve to solve problems for OTHERS! All the time! You know why?

A lot of things continue to work together for that Good they seek and that includes the mean treatments you receive. They will work out for the Good you seek and are meant for.

Press on!

I pray you make time to read over quite soberly and meditate on every single line to grasp the full spirit of this text. God bless you.



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