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African Youth Summit of Africa Day 2022 and African Languages

By William Jackson II Contributor
African Youth Summit of Africa Day 2022 and African Languages
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This is an annual gathering of African youth and those of the African diaspora globally. Panel discussions that address what is on the hearts and minds of Africans across the continent. The summit provided by One Africa Forum provides an opportunity on Africa Day to discuss issues that are important across the continent of Africa because the lives of youth, teens and young adults are in the balance.

The discussion of this year’s Africa Day 2022 is the juvenile justice system across Africa. Understanding how youth, teens and young adults are treated in the prisons, correctional facilities, and the justice systems in nations that make up the continent of Africa.

The discussions are important because even youth deserve humanitarian treatment, education access and mental health access that will prepare them for life outside of the prison system when they are released.

Access to mental health assistance to aid in mental and emotional health. Many of the justice systems of Africa are harsh, demeaning, in many cases psychologically, emotionally, and even spiritually challenging. There is no compassion, sensitivity and humanity that helps these youth to be rehabilitated and empowered to be better.

Speaking on the panels are educators, attorneys, business owners, politicians, parents, and importantly youth who are focused on making improvements to a broken system that does not provide the necessary resources to help youth, teens and young adults that are incarcerated. The global diaspora shares the passion to help youth, advocates like Willilam and Aida Jackson who are teaching virtually in Africa of youth with technology trainings. Building digital leaders for Africa’s future. Advocates in business like Immanuel Adewunmi, CEO/Founder NDH is a modern digitized Chamber of Commerce utilizing Pan-Industrial Business Strategy, with Networks and operations spanning economic development in Africa with a primary focus on Agriculture & Education.

Promoting education across Africa that builds communities, entrepreneurs and business development. Education is key and will always be key to build Africa, but with a focus on African education with a focus on the awesomeness of African history not that of slavery and colonization. African youth need to see the glory and successes of Africans, not those of Europeans, Chinese, Americans that do not represent them.

This year’s African Youth Summit of Africa Day 2022 is organized by Amb. Edoseghe Prince Erhahon, Leader and Visionary and his team of One Africa Forum

The goal of “Let’s build a better world together, one without starvation, pain and violence.” The mission of One Africa Forum is to collaborate across Africa to build a movement where advocacy and outreach activities, contribute their part to the greater good.

One Africa Day grows to other events on Clubhouse and the metaverse where panel discussions where held, art, poetry, music and speaking contests were provided.

Organization like Avishta Seeras, Creator & Producer of The Lingua-Cultura Experience provided a 24-hour Digital Marathon to celebrate Africa Day 2022 on the audio app Clubhouse

There were carefully curated conversations about Africa in the Africa Day Club on Clubhouse. The panel discussion about the preservation, revitalization, and promotion of African indigenous languages and cultures in celebration of Africa Day 2022 showed the continued discussion of African languages and how language is the foundation for African cultures.

Avishta Seers co-produced with Simon Okelo, an esteemed African cultural leader whose mission is to change the narrative of Africa. The theme “Sustaining a Healthy Africa,” which aligns with the African Union’s theme for Africa Day 2022, “The Year of Nutrition for Africa”.

The history about Africa Day is formerly African Freedom Day and African Liberation Day is the annual commemoration of the foundation of the Organization of African Unity which took place on 25th May 1963.

It is celebrated in various countries on the African continent, as well as around the world. The organization was transformed into the African Union on 9th July 2002 in Durban, South Africa, the holiday continues to be celebrated worldwide on 25th May with a growing following and influence.

The Youth Summit can be viewed here: