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Who is Mills, a Traitor or a Hypocrite?-

Who is Mills, a Traitor or a Hypocrite?-
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Fellow countrymen, is it not painful or disgraceful to realise that in our society we hardly find a dedicated leader without blemish?. When shall we ever welcome a leader who is prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice if called upon, for the sake of his people? It is said that the youth has to be trained well so that when they grow up they will continue the good works started by their forefathers. But our leaders today have fallen off the cliff; What we are now experiencing from them is counterproductive and anathema to our hopes and aspirations.

He has a pleasant personality, but a very important question, in reference to Prof. Atta-Mills recent Christmas message has to be asked:

Prof. Atta-Mills a traitor or a hypocrite?

Fellow countrymen, in his address he said: "Without doubt, for most of us, this has been a very difficult year. Paying our children's school fees, food, water, electricity, transportation, the basic essentials of life, has proved to be a major problem. We can hardly afford any celebration to end the year; our purchasing power has been completely eroded".

I hate asking unreasonable questions, but it won´t be out of place if one poses this question to the learned professor: under whose regime did the citizens of Ghana inherit the hardships mentioned above?. I hope the former V.P. hasn't elected to ignore how these hardships came about.

In his Christmas address, he went on to say that: "Yet the benefits of these blessings have not been reflected in most of our daily lives and there seems to be no hope of relief from our hardships with the existing incompetence and corruption. Despite the favourable economic environment most Ghanaians find themselves very desperate about their living conditions. The Government on the other hand claims everything is just perfect!"

He added by saying: "Beloved Countrymen and women, we have to face the truth about our situation in order to be able to do something about it". There is little hope for this country if we do not make truth the guiding principle for leadership. There is little hope if one standard is used to judge members of one party while another is used for members of other parties."

There is little hope if the basic tenets of the Constitution are flouted despite loud proclamations for the rule of law and human rights.

There is little hope if clear wrong-doing on the part of a member of Government or an appointee is actively covered up even under the guise of National Security.

There is little hope if corruption in Government is whitewashed and those involved are only called and advised to resist temptation! There is little hope if vindictiveness and vengeance rule this country.

There is little hope if, under cover of darkness, arms are virtually smuggled into our dear country by some operatives without the knowledge or involvement of our Armed Forces, without any accountability whatsoever. But, Fellow Ghanaians, there IS hope!

Fellow countrymen, these were just part of the Christmas message of our dear Prof. Atta-Mills poured on those innocent sleeping Ghanaians.

Someone out there with a clear mind should ask this man with a wolves skin the following questions if he claims to be an indisputable future leader;

1. Where was Prof. Atta-Mills when the guns were smoking in 1979?,

2. Where was he when Ghanaians suffered brutality under the regime he was serving, that he now has the audacity to talk about the rule of law?

3. One may ask him if he will prosecute his Chairman Rawlings and his associates for human rights abuses when he becomes a president?,

4. Will he as well be able to prosecute President Kufuor and his ministers at the end of their term of office if they are accused of corruption, and a court of law finds them guilty of graft?

5. Can he revoke the "Indemnity Clause" which is protecting them all from lawful prosecutions?,

6. One may ask him under what law were those 8 Generals and the 3 Judges executed?,

7. Under what human right laws were those innocent Ghanaians dehumanised and executed without trial?

8. Who brought about the Hardship, Incompetence, Parochialism and Corruption (HIPC) that has beset our country over the last twenty three years?,

9. Where was he when our "Fifty Cedis" notes were unlawfully collected without anyone accounting for it?.

10. Who devalued our strong and convertible "Cedi"

Fellow countrymen, despite these unanswered questions, Prof. Atta-Mills as usual went on to blackmail our citizens as follows; "With our thumbs, we will open the door to a new and better Ghana, which I, John Atta Mills, am committed to usher in. I will work with you to build a Ghana in which truth reigns, in which lies and "spin" do not dominate; a Ghana which is peaceful and stable and in which vindictiveness has no place; a Ghana in which opportunities do not exist only for favourites or a few close relations. "We want a Ghana in which economic policies are compassionate and take into account the living conditions of the ordinary man, woman and child. We are determined to provide a leadership that will ensure economic growth and stability, whilst also providing a social safety net to cushion the under privileged of society".

I hope we all experienced this when he was the vice President under Railings (P)NDC This is blasphemy. May God forgive him for this Hypocritical pronouncement.

Fellow countrymen, how can he achieve this lofty goal without first answering the above questions?. We of the Ghana Social Democratic Movement (GSDM) will like to put it to Prof. Mills and all those disgruntled leaders that the youth shall be organised to SHOVE all of them from their present positions. They are not effective leaders, one must add. They are all "LIARS". They have failed our country and it is about time for them to vanish from the political scene once and for all. We are equipped enough to produced a leader without any blemish. A leader who has compassion for his people. A leader who hates lies, corruption and tribalism. A leader who is ready to sacrifice even his soul for the sake of his people. A leader who is God fearing and has respect for his fellow citizens. A leader who will make sure that the "Rule of Law" and not the "Rule of Lies" prevails in our society. A leader who has the wisdom and creativity to inspire his people and promote productivity in our country. That is the type of leadership Ghanaians should be expecting.

Fellow countrymen, we have at our disposal excellent human resources wasting their expertise helping developed countries, while their countrymen and women “the tax-payers of Ghana” go hungry. Meanwhile Ghanaian leaders are globe trotting and begging for foreign aid from the same imperialist Ghanaian educated experts are helping. This new African and his dedicated youth, will focus on our human resources and make them productive and beneficial to our nation, because we believe in our spirits, after all, the Black man is capable of managing his own affairs if given all the necessary legal backings and moral support.

Fellow countrymen, women and children, let we leaders of GSDM assure you that, the time has come for the youth in the Diaspora and those dedicated ones in Ghana to take up the challenge and tell our old, corrupt and wicked leaders, to get ready for the wind that will be blowing. Someone out there should tell them that if we are poor, our "Brains" are not poor. Ghanaians are not stupid as they may think, neither are we like sleeping "Hungry Lions" without teeth. We shall smoke them out from their hiding places sooner or later and let them face "Justice". We shall ensure that this country of ours shall never again in our history, be ruled by traitors or hypocrites of such likes. God bless our motherland. Long live Ghana. Prince Aidoo Junior (Evangelist) Ghana Social Democratic Movement. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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