12.12.2021 Feature Article

Pursuit Of Power For Money Or Money For Power Ruins Any State

Pursuit Of Power For Money Or Money For Power Ruins Any State
12.12.2021 LISTEN

The end of great countries and Empires usually come after the coronation of a leader with insatiable greed or obsession for money and power in disguise for common good. These leaders campaign as if they are godsend to revitalize and clean up their domain. When elected, they crush the Opposition and repress any dissenter that sees situations differently.

You may then realize why they desire power and money so desperately. They want control of both in their mischievous ways. Yet, there is nothing more beautiful and gratifying than Money or Power separately. Each has been used to rectify injustice, poverty, wrong and cruelty of man against man. Powerful people do not need money to actualize common good just as rich people realize money is not enough to buy them happiness.

Most individuals should be satisfied with either money or power. Each is enough to further the interest of civilized societies. Those looking desperately for the concentration of money and power to rule humanity are up to miserable ends. It must be admitted that a few men and women, without reckless pursuit of power or money, have implemented benevolent measures.

The rise of dictators comes as born again saviors, promises of salvation from decadence to cleaning up the Augean stable or proclaiming one religion or political ideology as the only way to heaven declaring opponents as traitors, nonbelievers are infidels deserving death. Men obsessed with power and money turn themselves into Superman willing and able to tackle the most difficult problem easily.

However, as soon as man decides he needs one to actualize the other, humanity is in trouble. Combination of both in the hands of many arrogant individuals give them the illusions of Superman that can do and undo what either money or power alone cannot accomplish. One in the hands of reasonable individuals is enough to accomplish dreams while both increase the chances of explosive destruction of humans if they do not get their ways.

Why would a man with money pursue power at all cost or men with power use it to pursue money, if not for corruption. Powerful and rich individuals want more, to control others' lives. They want to command you, tell you how to vote, how to live your life and how to work for them. They are willing to influence you, even against your own interests. As long as it advances their personal interests.

They find and campaign on any fault, exaggerate it into a disaster which can only be cured by their own omniscient gift from God. No matter how, even when they make the problem worse, they glorify it as the coming of the prophet to turn the world into Paradise. Worse of all, their followers are idol worshippers willing to fight and lose their lives in hell for their leaders. Unless they get their way, the world will end.

Unfortunately, gullible and naive individuals looking for shortcuts to solving their problems fall for these empty rhetorical proclamations. They show up massively for the charlatans' campaign, take one day stomach infrastructure in exchange for 4 years in power. Others buy their fairy books and postals. If dictators fail by persuasion and votes, they have loyal fanatics and extremists willing to wreak havoc to achieve their goals over the silent majority.

Therefore, they chose some victims to blame for problems. Most of whom are workers temporarily pumped up as heroes. The talented minorities are the leading inventors contributing to the growth of society's wealth. Usually the same minorities are expected to lie down and accept misplaced blame for the loss of Union power, bullies had acquiesced to, through their own weakness, votes or refusal to learn new skills during technological change.

A case in point is the opportunistic leaders that champion the sheer ignorance of the powerful minority to infect the silent majority. They spread misinformation about vaccines against childhood diseases and immunity for all ages. Regardless of the empirical evidence in the reduction of childhood and adulthood diseases. They demand religious and personal exemption based on ignorance and their fundamental rights.

The problem here is that these assertions infringe on the rights of the majority in schools, public places and in other institutions where they spread infections. When people insist on expensive treatment over cheap and simple preventions of diseases, you know scarce resources are not judiciously spent. Especially, when these are the same people that refuse to contribute their fair share and complain about taxes.

But if they control distribution of our common taxes, they can channel tax cuts and credits to big businesses of their choice at any cost while they scream at welfare tax credits for children or stabilization of the environment. Minorities that work hard against all odds are denied their rights. Blamed for economic downturn and natural disasters.

Unfortunately, the greed for money and power start from individual families. The best inheritance you can pass on to children is character, others call it integrity above intelligence and hard work. If you do not have character or integrity, your hard work and intelligence may go unnoticed. A greater disappointment after working so hard with all the brilliance. It means that your hard work and intelligence are hidden like buried talents.

So, some people may wonder why they have not succeeded despite their intelligence and hard work. Informed voters with character and intelligence hire those savvy enough to further the prosperity of countries and businesses. They know how to spot competent leaders and people to achieve their goals. All of us cannot be good managers and bosses but wise men hire and surround themselves with people smarter than they are.

Hunger turns us into a different animal. This is why societies take care of highly talented people that achieve a great deal in Arts and Sciences. They do not have to worry about where their next meal is coming from. Some do it for the greater good of their communities, others hire talents for their personal interests. People are comfortable achieving their goals without much money or power, as long as they are not hungry.

So the saying is if you are so intelligent and hard working, why don't you work for yourself, build your village or country? Civilized people build great countries. Success itself depends on individual goals. A rich man asked a professor why he is not rich if he was so smart. The professor answered that if he was so rich, why was he not smart. If some African leaders govern countries that are so rich in natural resources and foreign incomes, why are they not smart?

Farouk Martins Aresa @oomoaresa