2022 budget tango: Be mindful of the image you're creating to investors — ACEPA to MPs

Social News 2022 budget tango: Be mindful of the image you're creating to investors — ACEPA to MPs
DEC 1, 2021 LISTEN

Executive Director of the Africa Center for Parliamentary Affairs (ACEPA), Dr. Rasheed Dramani has asked Majority and Minority MPs to be mindful of the picture they are creating in the minds of Ghanaians and the investors community.

He wondered whether the NPP and NDC MPs are aware of what their actions in Parliament all in the attempt to score political points for their parties was doing to the country.

Speaking on Citi TV Wednesday, Dr. Dramani noted that none of the two main political parties involved in the show of power would benefit ultimately from their actions.

“I say all these things just to say, there’s no one party that can come out of this as a winner…Yesterday, I heard from the Minority side during their press conference, they say, from now onwards forget compromise, every issue will be subjected to the votes. If that is going to happen, given the number that we have given constitutional arrangements of some ministers being Members of Parliament.

“…A number of things are going to happen, maybe the Majority side will say at all times in the critical moments we will marshall everybody to come to the House, But it’s going to be a great cost and it’s also going to delay a lot of government business,” he stated.

Dr. Dramani is asking both sides of the House to be put behind their egos and come to a consensus on the issues raised so far for the general good of the people.

Pandits have expressed fears how several areas of the economy would be delayed and its adverse effects on the citizenry should the current misunderstanding between the two sides of Parliament not be resolved.

The Majority side on Tuesday overturned the rejection of the 2022 Budget Statement by the Minority last Friday, and approved it.

The Minority has also described it as a “nullity” waiting for the arrival of the Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin to settle the matter.

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