Youstart program to create jobs for the youth another sloganeering of government — Coalition of National Youth Organizers to gov’t

Headlines Youstart program to create jobs for the youth another sloganeering of government — Coalition of National Youth Organizers to govt
DEC 1, 2021 LISTEN

The Coalition of National Youth Organizers has chided government for what it describes as deliberate deception of Ghanaian youth on jobs creation.

It said the Nana Addo government has hoodwinked the youth with empty sloganeering instead of being honest and frank with the truth.

The coalition noted that the proposed Youstart program in the 2022 budget is another slogan being branded as hope for the Ghanaian youth.

In a statement signed by the President, Comrade Mark Arkoh and Comrade Osei Kofi Acquah, General Secretary, the group questioned the difference between the Youstart, MASLOC, NBSSI and NEIP.

“If NPP is doing well, why invent and present a new slogan, and give it a modus operandi that already exists in similar policies,” the statement noted.

The coalition indicated that the National Entrepreneurship and Innovative Program (NEIP) and the National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI) policies have become mere hanged slogans, feeding party apparatchiks who have been appointed as Chief Executive Officers and other officers.

“So much money are paying to people who have been appointed by this NPP government as salaries and allowance to virtually do the same work. That is also a waste that this government needs to check.
"Why appoint a senior advisor to the president, resource him with State resources when the constitution has decided for you, who and who should legally advise you and equally resources them too, he asked in disappointment,” it stated.

President of the Coalition, Comrade Mark Arkoh who is National Youth Organizer of the Peoples National Convention (PNC) insisted that “there is no difference.”

“The concept of all the listed above are the same, provide support to start one's own business on small scale, medium and provide support to existing ones, which are aiming at promoting entrepreneurship.”

Osei Kofi Acquah who is the General Secretary of the Coalition and the National Youth Organizer for the CPP said, “the attitude of this government is like a lazy person sleeping on a dirty bedspread, instead of taking the dirty linen out and washing it, they will rather turn the other side, and try to pose it as a clean bedspread, forgetting that, it is the same old dirty and stinking bed sheet.”

He says the fact that the former CEO of NEIP Mr John Kumah who is now the deputy finance minister has agreed that NEIP was a failure and Youstart should be introduced, is an admission of not only another invented slogan, but an admission of Incompetence and cause of Financial loss to the state and called for his resignation.

“If NEIP is doing so well and not a mere invented slogan and a white elephant program, why propose Youstart instead of reimbursing NEIP, since they will be doing virtually the same work,” he quzzes.

James Appiakorang
James Appiakorang

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