17.04.2003 Feature Article

An Open letter To The Ex-President (Mr. Rawlings)

An Open letter To The   Ex-President  Mr. Rawlings
17.04.2003 LISTEN

Mr. Ex-President, DEMOCRACY HAS COME TO STAY IN GHANA FOREVER The economic woes and low level of development in Ghana can be attributed mainly to the military interruptions of constitutionally elected governments. Due to what I term as insufficient educational background of all the coup plotters and usurpers of political authorities in Ghana including you, Ghana has suffered from serious economic disaster. Examine the real educational backgrounds of Generals Kotoka, Afrifa, Akyeampong, Akuffu and you and compare them with those of Dr. Nkrumah, Dr. Busia, Dr.Limann and President Kuffour(MA), no one would tell you that they were and are more politically qualified to rule. I say this based on the kind of legacy all the usurpers left for Ghanaians.

Mr. Ex-President, Ghanaians accommodated you for almost twenty years, because we want peace, and hate civil war and anarchy; by the grace of God, the government seat of Ghana has forever said good-bye to you and all military opportunists, because democracy has come to thrive in Ghana henceforth. Some of your utterances ever since your exit from the castle are apparently meant to incite the good people of Ghana to spark off anarchy for you to mount the political seat again. God forbid!

Mr. Ex-President, we are wise enough to interpret the reason why almost all your daughters are now living in Scotland. Please, leave Ghanaians alone. When you were winning elections as incumbent, were you rigging?

I wish to remind you that, your profession is to fight and defend the people of Ghana against external aggression

If you do not know, then let me reveal to you that, the clergy in Ghana fasted and prayed for national peace during your oppressive regimes. Now real freedom is free in Ghana.

If I were you, I would examine the life of ex-presidents of UK and USA and emulate them. My peace of advice to you is this: Democracy has come to thrive permanently in Ghana

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