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Stop Job Shaming: People Are Not Their Jobs

Stop Job Shaming: People Are Not Their Jobs
26.07.2021 LISTEN

I recently walked into a restaurant for a meeting. I had a busy day and wanted to quickly finish the meeting and have some rest. We were sitting for about 20 minutes and nobody attended to us.

I walked towards the reception area to see if I can get anyone to assist me. Surprisingly, a gentleman met me and gave me the menu to choose my food. He was full of joy and light.

After ordering the food, I had to wait again for another 30 minutes. I was about to walk toward the reception area again and he showed up.

In modesty, he apologized for the delay and served me.

It was my turn to make payment. I took a glance at the reception area. I realized he has been there waiting for me. However, the meeting took about one and half hour. I tipped him after payment.

He was full of smile and said, “I am very sorry this happen to you today, we do close at 6 pm and all my colleagues have left. But when it was my turn to leave, I decided to stay back and serve you. I was the one doing the cutting, steaming and frying just to get you the best meal. However, thank you so much for tipping me. In fact, your presence has helped me since I won’t have to go through the traffic”

I was amazed and shocked. I was impatient at point but I didn’t know what he had to go through for me. Even though he had the right to tell me the restaurant is closed but he stayed back to serve.

In another experience, the same day in the morning, I had to look like a beggar for buying food with my own money. The seller was rude and cheeky because she had the monopoly power. In her capacity to serve, she felt she has to be served.

The contrast between my experiences was that they happened night and day. In the bright setting of power with the morning seller, I sensed darkness and in the dark setting of simplicity, I was touched by the light of a man in the restaurant.

Whatever position you serve. It doesn’t define you. What makes you you is your ability to believe in your area of service and know why it is believed. But let the belief be centred on love and respect. For when people take a humbling part of service, they worship God by doing it. For God manifest not just in words but in actions. For an act of love through service is an act of worship.

People are not their jobs. Handle those you serve with care.

It is well

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