For how long will African countries hopelessly rely on China and allow it to spy on them?

Feature Article For how long will African countries hopelessly rely on China and allow it to spy on them?

I cry for my country Ghana and continental Africa. Africa has become so hopeless that it has now found comfort in total reliance on China. The leaders have become as though they have lost their heads. They have become near misfits, square pegs wobbling in round holes, of course.

My distrust for Chinese runs deeper than meets the eye. I know how they take black people for. They have no respect for black people and are far more racists towards the black people than the American Ku Klux Klan and white American police that sit on the neck of black Americans to kill them.

On Sunday, 2 September 2007, I published an article on the Ghana internet news portal headed, “Ghanaian Leaders Letting The People And The Country Down”. In this publication, I warned the nation against the possibility of the Chinese bugging the Bui Dam and the Jubilee House, the seat of government. I further suggested how and why the mentioned edifices must be debugged.

Whether the leaders did as suggested or not, it has turned out that the Chinese did bug the African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, that they had built with their own money and labour for the shameless, incompetent and always begging African leaders.

Africa is rich in natural resources but out of corruption, lack of farsightedness, selfishness and abundance of illiteracy on both the part of the leadership and the populace, the continent is ravaged by poverty. While the masses suffer, the few in political leadership and their friends and families live in affluence. The few lucky ones do play the poor masses against one another in the name of populist political partisanship, tribalism and unfulfilled promises to turn the African countries around if they were voted into power.

How come that Ghana that has timber and more qualified carpenters should import chairs or furniture from China to furnish her parliament? Are we not stupid to have done that? Our parliamentarians accepted sub-standard Chinese mobile phones/cell phones each to vote to approve the purchase of furniture from China for parliament. What a level of stupidity on the part of our parliamentarians who shamelessly pride themselves in being addressed as “honourable”. Does their attitude overflowing with corruption and short-sightedness able to make them honourable?

Were the furniture not bugged by the Chinese who are on covert, if not overt, mission to colonize Africa?

I shall advise Ghanaians to stop their overly reliance on the Chinese. They are worse than the Europeans and the Americans if it comes to exploiting Africa to a hilt. Is it not the Chinese who are in Ghana spoiling our water bodies, fertile and arable lands and virgin forests? Can a Ghanaian go to China to do the devastating activities as they are doing in Ghana, with impunity? NO!!!

Stop accepting free electronic devices, furniture and buildings built by Chinese with their labour on our soil. They will bug them. They will eavesdrop on our leaders to whom they offer such gifts. I could see this coming way back in year 2007 and it is now happening. The Chinese and their African leaders some of whom are stooges, can deny as much as they can, yet the reality is, Chinese are bugging some edifices in Africa.

We have to debug Jubilee House, Bui Dam and any other important building for government business where Chinese do frequent or have ever set foot in.

Rockson Adofo

Thursday, 27 May 2021