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The Sun, Moon and Stars

The Sun, Moon and Stars
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“The sun and moon grew dark, and the stars no longer shine…Then the LORD will pity his people and be indignant for the honour of his land! He will reply, 'Look! I am sending you grain and wine and olive oil, enough to satisfy your needs. You will no longer be an object of mockery among the surrounding nations.” Joel 2: 10, 18-19.

God's mercy and grace are locating you today! What you are going to read here is simply a declarative and prophetic message. Not much of expository. God's word does not fail. But there are still others that should also read today's message, so they would join in this flow of divine restoration. They are in darkness. They are starving. They are weeping. They are going through sleepless nights. They are in pain and regrets. They have been bruised, rejected and humiliated.

They are unhappy and also lack the grace and refreshing that come with the presence of God. Now, if you are among these, this is their chance to be restored. I pray that as you go through this write-up, that the light of God will shine upon you again in Jesus' name! Look at the above bible text again.

The sun and the moon grew dark, and the stars no longer shine! These were elements that were once bright and favourable. They were put in place to bless us, but all of a sudden, they grew dark and stopped shining. My God! This is exactly what some of us are going through now. Our once bright light has not only dimmed, but totally put out. And the worse is that we don't even understand how we got into the situation, not to talk of how to come out of it. The situation seems hopeless!

Now, the sun represents our day, the moon our night and the stars our destiny. How? In Genesis, God told us at creation that the sun will rule the day, and that the moon will rule the night. The Psalmist also told us that the sun shall not smite us by the day nor the moon by night. Then the stars, we saw how Jesus' star appeared and led the wise men from the eastern lands to where he was born. We also saw the stars of the brother of Joseph bow down to him. And Job even went further to call some of these elements by name – Orion, Pleiades. Sure, these are entities put in place by God to influence the affairs and destinies of men. So, when they spiritually go off for any person or people, the consequences in the physical are always terrible and even disastrous.

We must always ask God that our sun, our moon and our stars should keep shining. We must always command them to bless us in the name of Jesus. We must command the sun to bless us every day and the moon every night. We must command our stars to continue to shine and locate us. Please, note that I didn't say worship them, no, but command them and whatever they represent to bless us. I said this because that is the mistake the occult and the false religion make; they worship these heavenly entities, leaving the creator. It is very wrong! We must only worship God Almighty, the maker of heaven and earth through his son Jesus Christ.

Now, before we go on, it will be good for us to note that there are several factors that can contribute to our sun, moon and stars going dark, and not shining. These include: attacks and arrows from the enemy, living in sin, disobedience and ignorance. Ignorance here is about not knowing what God has in stock for us and how to get them. That is why the word of God said that the entrance of his word will always bring light and understanding. And rightly applying that understanding will also always produce deliverance, breakthroughs, miracles, prosperity, godliness, etc. On sin, your light will never shine if you are living in sin. You already know that. And for the arrows of the enemy, we will today repel them. They will be neutralized or sent back to where they are coming from. Whatever that has made your sun, moon and star not to shine again must be removed today in the mighty name of Jesus!

Grain, wine, oil
As you are reading this message, know that total restoration is already taking place in your life. God's face will shine upon you again! Like Jesus, your star will arise again and lead to bless and lift you. Some will come from unexpected quarters, the 'eastern lands'. The believers will come. The unbelievers will come. Because you have found favour with him even your enemies will bless you. Everything that God made will favour you from today, in Jesus' name! The LORD will have mercy upon you once again. See how Joel puts it, “Look! I am sending you grain and wine and olive oil, enough to satisfy your need. You will no longer be an object of mockery among the surrounding nations.” He said that the pastures will be green again. The trees will again be filled with luscious fruit – Amen!

Look at that – grain, wine and oil. Each of these represents a section of the blessing that is coming your way. Grain is talking about plenty to eat. Food shall be surplus. You shall feed fat and be well-nourished again. Food is a primary need of man. You cannot exist without it and God knows that. Not just food, but you shall have good and enough food. You shall not have to do ungodly things to eat. Not eating to survive, but feeding well and giving to others. God will bless what you do. And wine talks about happiness, joy, celebration. You cannot have these without being in good health and things going well for you.

God will make everything go well, so you can celebrate. Yes, It is sweet to celebrate.
There are some of us (even families) that do not understand what it means to celebrate. For a very long time they have not had any cause to celebrate. It has been pain, sorrow, tears, disappointment, etc. But from today I command celebration into your life, in the name of Jesus! Then, oil is the presence of God - the anointing, the grace. The grace of God that will help you fulfil his will in your life. Any part of your life that has been held down shall be oiled today. I release it. I pray that your sun, moon and star begin to shine again from today, in the name of Jesus! God bless! Please, share this message with others.

Rev Gabriel Agbo is the author of the books / audiobooks: Power of Midnight Prayer, Receive Your Healing, Breaking Generational Curses: Claiming Your Freedom, Never Again!, I Shall Not Die, Move Forward, Power of Sacrifice, Prepare for that battle and many others. Tel: +2348037113283 E-mail: [email protected] Website Twitter: pastorgabagbo

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