Ghana Garden and Flower Movement and PUM Netherlands senior experts collaborate

  Wed, 28 Apr 2021
Regional News Ms. Esther AN Cobbah signing the MoU in Ghana  With her is Mr. Bernard Nana Yaw Tufuor......Mr. Dick Ernste signing the MoU in the Netherlands With him is Mr. Edwin Witlox.
Ms. Esther AN Cobbah signing the MoU in Ghana With her is Mr. Bernard Nana Yaw Tufuor......Mr. Dick Ernste signing the MoU in the Netherlands With him is Mr. Edwin Witlox.

The aim of the collaboration between the Ghana Garden and Flower Movement (GGFM) and PUM Netherlands senior experts (PUM) is to further develop Ghana’s horticulture and floriculture industry.

To endorse the collaboration, both parties signed a five (5) year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The MoU provides for knowledge sharing and capacity-building by PUM floriculture and enterprise development experts with Ghana’s flower growers on the GGFM platform.

The promotion of trade in floriculture materials is also an aspect of the MoU. Activities to be undertaken under the knowledge sharing component include collaboration with Ghana’s universities about enhancing the skills of flower growers.

PUM has for several years been participating in workshops and conferences for Ghanaian flower growers. This MoU is designed to provide a more structured and sustainable approach to the existing partnership. The Embassy of the Royal Netherlands in Ghana has played a significant role in facilitating this partnership.

The implementation of the MoU is overseen by a Steering Committee and a Project Implementation Team made up as follows: Edwin Witlox, Coordinator of PUM Ghana, Esther A.N. Cobbah, Prof. Daniel Bruce-Sarpong and Mona Asem on the Steering Committee and Bernard Nana Yaw Tufour, Patrick Masoperh, Abui Selormey and Adelaide Pinto of GGFM and Jan Berg van den of PUM on the Project Implementation Team.

Mr. Dick Ernste, CEO of PUM, says, ‘PUM has since 1978 been providing support to a variety of individuals and organizations in Ghana and contributing to the development of their enterprises. We are delighted that we can also bring to the country’s floriculture industry the knowledge and experience of PUM’s industry experts to further boost the great work already being done in Ghana’s floriculture industry. For us at PUM this is an opportunity to live out our commitment to build vibrant SMEs in developing countries and emerging markets and create a positive impact on the economy, environment and society.’

Esther A.N. Cobbah of GGFM, says, The Movement is most delighted that we can create a platform of collaboration between PUM and GGFM as well as Ghanaian floriculture experts to generate even more value from the growing industry for personal, community and national benefit. Together we work to achieve a greener, cleaner, healthier, wealthier, and more beautiful Ghana.

Stratcomm Africa initiated the movement and its signature annual Ghana Garden and Flower Show (GGFS) as a CSR programme employing environmental communication approaches. The signing of this MoU comes after nine years of successfully mobilizing stakeholders in the floriculture industry as part of the effort to grow the industry for environmental, commercial, health and aesthetic purposes. The Movement is now an independent non-profit organization with its own Board.

In the signing ceremony, which took place virtually, the Chief Executive Officer of PUM Mr. Dick Ernste, signed in the Netherlands for PUM and Esther A. N. Cobbah, Chairperson of the Advisory Board of the GGFM and CEO of Strategic Communications Africa Ltd (Stratcomm Africa), signed in Ghana for GGFM.

About the Ghana Garden and Flower Movement

The innovative Ghana Garden and Flower Movement was initiated by Strategic Communications Africa, Ltd.(Stratcomm Africa) in 2013. The movement seeks to contribute to the realization of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) through creating awareness among Ghanaians about the commercial, aesthetic, psychological and health benefits of horticulture and floriculture.

It seeks to celebrate Ghana’s unique flora and fauna, whilst pointing people to the income generating and job creation opportunities inherent in them. Ultimately, the aim of the Show is to encourage the harnessing of our flora and fauna for national development and improved livelihoods. GGFS is a flagship activity of the movement.

This CSR activity of Stratcomm Africa is now a non-profit organisation with an independent Advisory Board. The following constitute the advisory Board of the movement. Mrs. Arafua Apaloo-Aning, Mrs. Mona Asem, Mr. Patrick Masoperh, and Mr. Bernard Nana Tufuor, Prof. Daniel Bruce Sarpong, Abui Selormey and Mrs. Anisa Marianne

The Show began in 2013 with 14 exhibitors and 1400 guests. It has grown tremendously since and had 140 exhibitors and over 21,000 guests in 2019. In 2020, in the face of COVID-19 and it’s restrictions, Stratcomm Africa deployed its communication and event management capabilities to enable the Movement make history with the first ever virtual Garden and Flower Show,

About PUM Senior Experts Group

PUM Netherlands Senior Experts is a foundation registered as Stichting PUM under the law of the Netherlands with statutory seat/registered office at The Hague, duly represented by Mr. Dick Ernste, Chief Executive Officer. PUM is a non-profit organisation that promotes self-sufficiency, entrepreneurship, and job creation through the sustainable development of small and medium-sized enterprises, business support organisations and cooperatives in developing countries and emerging markets. PUM supports entrepreneurs through short-term technical advisory missions and/or remote coaching trajectories executed by (senior) expert volunteers providing practical, hands-on expertise.

About Stratcomm Africa

Stratcomm Africa is a multiple award-winning total marketing Communication agency with over two and a half decades of experience in providing communication support to individuals and organisations, public and private, local, and international, with award-winning success.

Stratcomm Africa offers services in Public Relations and Reputation Management Digital Communication, including Social media management, Advertising and Marketing, Communication for Development (C4D), Activations and Event Management, Communication Research, and Training and Facilitation.

Stratcomm Africa specializes in evolving and implementing integrated communications strategies and is focused on promoting excellence in communication as an essential tool for Africa’s prosperity in this digital age.

Stratcomm Africa continues to employ its expertise in environmental communication and behaviour change communication to mobilize floriculturists, flower enthusiasts, policymakers, private sector organisations, civil society groups, as well as media to work together to develop and grow this sector in Ghana. With support from Stratcomm Africa, the Movement is already collaborating with like-minded initiatives in other African countries, with a view of connecting Africa through horticulture/floriculture.