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25.03.2021 Opinion

Accept Rastas in Achimota and stop the discrimination—Al-Wahab

By Francis Agyapong Nimpong
Accept Rastas in Achimota and stop the discrimination—Al-Wahab
LISTEN MAR 25, 2021

The brouhaha over the admission of two dreadlocks students at prestigious Achimota school keeps on boiling.

Ghanaian International Diplomatic Consultant, Al-Wahab has called on the Authorities of Achimota School to accept the two brilliant dreadlocks students and stop infringing on their right to education.

He cannot fathom why Caucasians and other foreign nationals are allowed to school at the same Achimota School with their long hair and dread but denying Ghanaians with dread.

He added that "Ghana is the most racist and hypocritical Country. People look down upon those who attends Grade B and C schools not to even talk about the D.

Why should we even categorise our Institution into A, B, C, D etc. This is where the discrimination starts in our own system." Al-Wahab expressed his disappointment on Ghana's Parliamentary select Committee on Education about their silence on this critical national issue.

Climaxing the interview with the Award winning morning show host of Genesis Radio, Oman Nana. The International Diplomat called on president Akufo-Addo to intervene for Achimota to allow the innocent dreadlocks BECE graduates into the School because their Academics is the most important thing.

He further noted that, Schools like Accra Academy, Pop Jones etc accepts dreadlocks, so are they living in a different Ghana? Certainly not and Achimota is not important than the other schools. Achimota is totally wrong to deny the students once is a public school. It is a high time Ghanaians erase the erroneous conception about people with dreadlocks .

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