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On Racist Danes playing human rights evangelists in Africa

On Racist Danes playing human rights evangelists in Africa

Shakespeare: Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Hamlet (1.4)

When I was locked down in Europe last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I watched the BBC, “Migrant Ghetto,” a documentary about racism in Denmark.

To say that I was shocked to the marrow will be an understatement.

Having lived in Europe for many years, I am fairly well acquainted with the virulent racism that exists in several European countries, but the intolerance of the Danes towards anyone and anything non-European makes me cringe.

Europeans have so successfully managed to colonize global means of news dissemination that, with their well-documented dastardly actions of rape, plunder and massacres all over the world, they still continue to hug the moral high-grounds and portray themselves as some divinely-ordained world messiahs.

Today, the children of continental-stealers whose parents committed the most atrocious massacres in recorded history go around the world to pontificate about “western values!”

With their total distortions of history plus the indoctrination they receive as education from the ideological institutions they call universities, Westerners developed great amnesia which allows them to keep on dancing silly dances to their self-generated lullabies.

That their rhetoric flew in the face of reality and is a complete antithesis to their actions appear not to daunt these hypocritical and shameless liars!

That will explain how the envoy of Denmark in Accra, Ghana can forget the rank racism in his homeland and get amnesiac on how foreigners are treated in Denmark, don his garb of sanctimonious hypocrisy to tell us that he is fighting for human rights in Africa!

I don’t blame the mofos, I blame African officials who, because of the crumps that they receive from the masters’ table, continue to allow these apostles of White Supremacy to carry on with the promotion of their racist agendas even on our soil!

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