10.03.2021 Feature Article

Homosexuality Is The Worst State Of Human Degradation: It Has No Place In Fundamental Human Rights

Homosexuality Is The Worst State Of Human Degradation: It Has No Place In Fundamental Human Rights
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In the school of common sense, the act of homosexuality and lesbianism is the worst state of human degradation on planet earth. I'm still waiting for Science, logic or at least common sense to justify the relevance or purpose of homosexuality. I heard many people trying so hard to justify this unacceptable practice, yet the more they tried to explain, the more they make a mockery of themselves. To ask a mild question to the allies of this covetous practice, What class of living species do practice homosexuality? The most dirtiest animal on earth is the pig, yet the pigs do not practice homosexuality and lesbianism. For Human beings with conscience to justify the practice of homosexuality is the highest level of mental degradation, you can called menta-moral disease. People with serious mental illness (commonly called mad people) do not practice it. A madman without good reasoning will rape the opposite sex to gratify sexual desire, yet a so-called being will practice or advocate for human rots to be accepted by society.

In terms of law, freedoms and rights of all humans, the basic purpose is to promote the dignity, sanctity and respect for mankind. One of the cardinal principles is human rights advocacy is to ensure 'what is best' for mankind. I am yet to see any law that does not aim at promoting what is best for mankind. It is widely agreed internationally that a person who is caught attempting suicide will be prosecuted because suicide is deemed a social misfit. If an individual feels that his/her life is not worth living and wants to end it, why would society deemed it unfit? If a person feels that he/she wants to be an armed robber, a scammer, a rapist, and terrorist, why would society not allowing them to have the freedom to practice their choices? Simply, actions and practices that undermine the dignity, safety, respect and welfare of the individual or society in general are not in the best interest and therefore promoting such, is very disastrous.

I have been following human rights issues for some time now and have come to realised that the proponents of the so-called rights of homosexuals are smartly promoting them for their parochial interest. Truth is that, people who are bold enough to advocate publicly for the acceptance of homosexuality are financially and materially rewarded. If there were not reward in it, there will be no conscious minded person that would even wish to hear of such an abominable practice. We've developed countries and the governments threatening to withdraw financial aid to less developed countries if they failed to support homosexuality rights. This shows clearly that people will advocate for it because of the financial and materials gains attached to homosexuality.

Let's take a look at homosexuality, in natural organisms, every organism is divided into male and female- plants, animals, microscopic living things and humankind. In plants, without pollunation between the male and female flowers, the plants would go in extinction. For non-living things, there is always a positive and negative forces that would act together to give a desirable output. For instance, in water, we have warm and cold water; for electricity, we need positive and negative to produce energy, among others. These few examples testify to the fact that, positive - positive and negative - negative forces would produce a zero output. So, justifying male - male and female - female sexual relationship of a conscious living organism called mankind, is to declare that man has become another form of creation that do not exist on planet earth. For me, planet earth was made only for female-male living and non-living organisms.

Coming back to human rights issues, the world is promoting secularism in every country and secular nations allows people the freedom to make choices. However, frankly speaking, there is no secular nation anywhere in the world. As long as there are laws to regular the lives of people, there ccannot be secularism. Yes, some limited freedoms are giving to citizens, but there is no absolute freedom anywhere. Absolute Secularism will turn human society into jungle life. Ironically, mankind is restricting jungle life through the enactment of forestry and wildlife laws. Yet, it see reason to support what does not exist even among living organisms in the jungle. Human beings have rights and rights are rights not rots. We all know what is right and wrong, that's why human rights are in existence. Unfortunately, due to people wickedness and egocentricism, they're promoting what is detrimental to the lives and existence of mankind and calling them rights. My challenge to promoters of human rights still remains, 'what good do we get as humans for practicing homosexuality?'. Scientifically, homosexuality causes many diseases and it deforms the male or female anal organ. It is morally impermissible even in secular societies, and spiritually, it damping the spiritual upliftment of the individual and society. No religion on planet earth accepts homosexuality and lesbianism as a choice in society. So, what rights are we promoting for the practitioners of homosexuality? Whatever we are promoting must be actions that will promote the dignity and sanctity of mankind.

Furthermore, the UN nations have adopted the global goals called Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in 2015 after the end of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The question worth asking is, SDGs for what? SDGs for who? Who are we sustaining the world for? The SDGS are expected to be achieved by 2030, and how many of the promoters of SDGs are sure of their existence in 2030? What it means is that, duty-bearers of today are hoping to make a better world for the future generations yet unborn. It means, we are hopeful that the human race will continue to exist till 2030 and beyond. It means we are hoping of giving birth to children that will takeover from us after we are deseased. For this reason, we took a global consensus to work for the positivity of our children that will inherit from us in the future. It is also the more reason, international actions and funding are made to promote maternal and child health, enhance adolescent reproductive health and promote the eradication of diseases and sicknesses across the globe. The UN Convention on the Rights of children (CRC) have placed a responsibility on governments, organisations, agencies and individuals to work toward protecting children against all odds and to facilitate the fortress of children in all spheres of social, economic, religious, cultural and educational life. It is therefore callous and pugnacious to facilitate actions that are negative to the fulfillment of these global objectives of mankind. Sadly, homosexuality and lesbianism is not only denigrating and miligning to the dignity of the humankind, but also, a cruel way to banish mankind from existence. Left to me, all people practicing and advocating for homosexuality are fatuous and gruesome, and must be dispel from society. If the goals (SDGs) of mankind are to be achieved, unanimous voice, potent thinking and collective action are needed to fight the bigger enemy of children and future existence of man called homosexuality.

To those who are practitioners, am sure that within your own conscience, you know absolutely that you are mentally degraded, morally incapacitated, and spiritually bankrupt. You know that even a pig do not practice what you practice, a dog, a monkey and all other dirty living organisms are clean when it come to sexual relationship. Perhaps, it may not be the fault of yourself, it might be that a friend forced you into it and you got addicted. It might also be the desire to make money from it or you possibly were experimenting sexual acts and got yourself into this filthy practice called homosexuality and lesbianism. Yes, we know that some of you are doing it without your act of free will. Come to think about the gifts of the opposite sex and how it feels to be with the rightful opposite sex partner. As a man, think about the beauty of the woman, her adorable soft body, the attraction of her nipples, the gorgeous bottocks, her sexy waist, her libidous clitoris, irresistible vag, her flammable sexual movements and the tempting glamorous body language of the woman, her piecing eyes and loving heart. How can you leave these absolute gifts from God and go for sometime you already have? For the woman, God gave you a protector, lover, carer, sustainer and partner called man. He makes your world complete and he ensures that every request of yours is fulfilled. His handsome appearance, strong waist, charming chest, beaming smiles up his chins and beard. His energetic movement, sweet words, sorting language and massageable boneless between the thighs, his stylish hair and unforgettable romantic gestures, he will make you feel cherished, loved, protected and above all, he is your partner for life. Yes, God made the woman purposely for the man, and the man solely for the woman. Therefore, leaving what is best for you and choosing what is worst for you in terms of Sexual relationship is only a result of mental decay. If you practice homosexuality or lesbianism, you have degraded yourself to a third class living species which do not exist on planet earth. Because, mankind is considered first class living thing because of our reasoning ability, and all other living organisms are second class.

The menace of homosexuality is far great than armed robbery. Its consequences may not be immediately visible to the larger society, but the future existence of man and societal continuity is been robbered today. Homosexuality is greater than genocide. Historically and religiously, certain people in certain place called Sodom and Gomorrah were extinguished completely from planet earth because of the practice of homosexuality. The earth was not made was homosexual and lesbian relationships. God made the earth for man-female sexual relationships only. If we insist in acceptance of this precarious practice, we will equally incur the anger of the Creator, and probably, our punishment will be greater than the people of Sodom and Gomorrah.

As a people, let's advance what is BEST for mankind. Let's advocate for what is right, because rights are rights, but homosexuality is a rots. At least, let's promote what will lead to continual existence of mankind, and let us not be enemies to our own existence in the future. Sustainability is about the future, the future is about children, and children will only come through rightful man-woman sexual relationships. Not every freedom is a right, and not every right is freedom. Therefore, rights are rights and freedom is relative [1] because no one can have absolute freedom. If we are enemies to nature, then nature will have no choice but to destroy everyone of us and replace us with a new creation that will be obedient to nature.