Ghanaians Abroad, GHACIF welcome reduction of COVID-19 test fee at Ghana Airport

Diaspora (France) Ghanaians Abroad, GHACIF welcome reduction of COVID-19 test fee at Ghana Airport
FEB 12, 2021 LISTEN

H.E. President of the Republic of Ghana,

The Organisation of Ghanaians Abroad hereby show appreciation to you and your government for reducing the cost of COVID-19 test from 150 USD to 50 USD For Ghanaians coming home and Ecowas travellers.

Notwithstanding our huge appreciation of the reduction, we are appealing to Your Excellency to reduce the cost for Ghanaians with foreign passports as well. Some of our fellow Ghanaians hold foreign passports because they were born in the country in question or due to other factors beyond control and convenience. The Ghanaian diaspora in reality is a combination of Ghana Passport holders and Ghanaians holding other passports.

The combination of the two plus non documented Ghanaians is what contributes to the progress of Ghana through job creation, doing remittances, etc. Inclusively, we are the reason why diasporan remittances have become the second income of the nation.

Also, you would agree with us that a Ghanaian holding a foreign passport is still more connected and committed to Ghana than a non-Ghanaian ECOWAS citizen. We request that if such persons can show proof of Ghanaian family relations, they should be allowed to also pay the 50 USD COVID-19 test fee.

We believe that these reforms in the cost of the COVID-19 test shall entice more Ghanaians to commit themselves to our homeland and help in the development agenda of our dear country Ghana.

Warm regards Mr. President

Osei Mensah Michael

President, Organisation of Ghanaians Abroad(OGHA)


The President of the Republic of Ghana

Jubilee House, Accra.


Director of DAOOP, Jubilee House, Accra.