31.01.2021 Feature Article

End Of Life Of Our Gadgets

End Of Life Of Our Gadgets
LISTEN JAN 31, 2021

When they grow weak and old where they were made, we welcome them home, here, where they were largely extracted from the earth.

We happen to love and give them good care, maybe even better than where they came from and they live somewhat longer with us until they need to be buried.

All the phones, the military equipments, the used cars. I don't know yet if the Beast would eventually retire and be sent here too. But as electric vehicles take over, maybe just one day all fuel combustion vehicles will get shipped down here to retire for life.

What is our plan to receive these gadgets?
Every now and then our governments sign free trade deals with developed countries where these gadgets are manufactured.

In these deals we export the green of our economy. The gold of our earth and in return we get the rust from their streets and the old carcasses in the meat storage bunkers.

And the question again is what is our plan to receive the dead for burial. Even in human form, the useful brains work abroad, live in the cities and retire home when it appears that they have been adequately replaced out there. Sometimes, the human from on his return comes with a new house or two for the neighbourhood.

But how about the old gadgets? Do we just love the waste of the earth or it is simply the case that we have no choice. Some school of thought has it that because we make nothing sophisticated we must accept these gadgets to at least help us stay abreast.

But if it is the case that we love the dead and/or have no choice then why not let us focus more on developing better strategies towards receiving, and disposing the waste of the earth? Create more sustainable burial places, some useful recycling plants and dumb sites well located in mine pits.

At least these interventions would help avoid a situation in the future where the waste and poison that comes with it would dislodge us and send us away from our coastal prime lands towards the desert where we would have to start afresh scrambling for good water and farmland.

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