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12.12.2020 Feature Article

It Is The Set Time To Fulfil Our Original Mission

It Is The Set Time To Fulfil Our Original Mission
LISTEN DEC 12, 2020

It would have been a mark of serious ingratitude of some seismic proportions if the people of Ghana had not returned Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo back as President of the Republic. The reason being that his ruling NPP party were able to tout very laudable policy initiatives, including the Free SHS, whilst the opposition NDC seemed just keen to simply go through the processes, and at times, sounded well-nigh suicidal, touting the mortuary and Okada policy initiatives. Mahama only seemed to have regained his sobriety after evidence began to emerge that he had suffered a second defeat at the hands of Nana Addo. The NDC vote seems to have shocked even critical NPP sympathisers but many party supporters seem to have forgotten the scene which played out in the 2008 Presidential elections against the backdrop of Oil discovery under the watch of Kufuor’s eagle-eyed NPP Government.

NPP supporters have readily been brushing aside cries for an abundance of caution.

Nana Addo, the 76-year-old politician, was in top shape, touring the Nation with such vigour that even his much younger appointees could not muster and indeed to the envy of his younger opponent.

Comparatively, the younger, John Mahama sounded like a broken record, keen to play a not so delightful tune with a DJ that seemed drunk to near-stupor at times.

However, the NDC’S election outcome at this year’s election cannot be dismissed in a hurry, especially when pitted or juxtaposed against the less than impressive effort they put into this campaign. However, whatever way you interpret it, well over six million Ghanaians thought that John Kwame Dramani Mahama would make a better President for 2021. Incredible!; you may say.

I believe the election outcome is more of a message to Nana Addo than a proper verdict on his capacity to govern country. H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo has been given an opportunity to perfect his game, rid himself of his imperfections, cut down on the size of his Government and the seeming preponderance of cliquishness which appears to have plagued his Government in the last 4 years. It is egregious enough for all of the Executives’ 250 or so appointees to come from only one party in a small Natiin such as Ghana, let alone come from a faction in the party.

H.E. Nana Addo must punish errant appointees with alacrity, firmness and promptitude, including his cousins and nephews as and when they happen. Non-performing ministers must be replaced and Government must use the vast plethora of human resources available in the great Osono party to ensure a very beneficial and proficient superintendence of his 2021 Government. Nana Addo should put Agyapa on ice.

Unsuspectingly or perhaps unwittingly, Ghanaians prefer the carrot and the stick approach to governance.

Both party and leadership should remember that, needless to say, no one person has a monopoly on wisdom, however successful they may be in life & the governed has no such expectation of them; their only hope is for Government to deliver at all times, what they were elected for. It is for Government to also identify what they were elected for; leadership has always been situational and every government has a purpose.

NPP still has power and a little window of opportunity to fulfil its original purpose; to bring corruption down to its knees matter-of-factly and with great expedition and not by any propaganda messaging. Criminal Law is one of the most important areas of Law because it hinges on the liberty of the culprit and at times, even his Life. It is however one of the easiest areas of Law. NPP can find a replacement for Alamisi; all he needs is integrity with a professional outlook to his role.

Corruption must also be tackled not merely curatively but preventatively by stopping the corrupted primaries in the two main parties. Kwame Dramani, as he is fondly known by Prophet Nigel Gaisie, was spot on when he said the elected Executive has control over all facets of the Government machinery. All the independent institutions of state must be looked at afresh with the view to rendering them completely immune from executive interference. NPP requires strong party leadership to preserve and protect her interest for posterity sake.

I shall return.

Kwame Ohene Asare
Kwame Ohene Asare, © 2020

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