Hon Tangoba Abayage Lacks The Attributes Needed In A Potential Mp -Anuga Fortunate

Features Hon Tangoba Abayage Lacks The Attributes Needed In A Potential Mp -Anuga Fortunate
NOV 7, 2020 LISTEN

For starters, permit me to state without mincing words that Hon. Tangoba Abayage, the NPP Parliamentary candidate for the Navrongo Central Constituency lacks what it takes to lead the Navrongo Central Constituency.

It is common knowledge that a person who seeks to become a member of Parliament must eschew arrogance both in her attitude and utterances. In this connection, a potential member of parliament must be a linchpin of unity within firstly, his/her own party and secondly within the constituency in its entirety!

The posturing , demeanor and blurter - outers of Hon. Tangoba before, during and after the NPP parliamentary elections unambiguously defines the true character and traits of this lacklustre Upper East Regional Minister!

It is on record that prior to and during the heat of the NPP Parliamentary Primaries Hon. Joseph Kofi Adda , the incumbent Member of Parliament and Minister of Aviation and his team made several overtures of peace towards Hon Tangoba but the latter repudiated their olive branch!

In fact , the regional executives of the NPP, realizing the ensuing bad blood between Hon. Kofi Adda and Hon Tangoba immediately arraigned a reconciliation meeting between the the two but Hon Tangoba wouldn't hear of it - she refused to show up!

This conceited and condescending attitude should not be issuing forth from a woman who wants to be a member of parliament!

Needless to say, a potential member of parliament should evince an attitude of reconciliation, forgiveness and peaceful coexistence.

If she couldn't unite her own party folks how much more a whole constituency !

The wedge that is presently simmering between Kofi Adda's support base and that of Hon.Tangoba endures thanks to her vindictiveness and downright arrogance.

As a genuine leader who intends to be among the privileged few who will sit in the hallowed Hall of Parliament she shouldn't be exibiting such cheeky standoffishness towards her predecessor.

I have learnt from the grapevine that she is clinging to the fanciful conviction that she would win the Seat with or without the support of Hon. Kofi Adda and his ardent supporters!

From the foregoing therefore, it stands to reason that Hon. Tangoba lacks not only the unifying spirit but also the reconciliatory skills needed in forging the constituency ahead in unity! In the most unlikely event that she wins , a huge chunk of the constituents will be left out in the lurch!

Those few NPP executives in Navrongo who are following her and trying desperately to sell a bar of Key soap to us as an iPhone are those who stand to benefit in the unlikely event she wins!

We shouldn't lose sight of the fact that Tangoba is a product of these selfish Executives who after benefiting from the largesse of Hon. Kofi Adda decided to gang up against Hon. Kofi in support of Tangoba because he (Kofi Adda) resisted their greed.

This lady is bound to be as inaccessible as she was during her reign as an Ambassador to Italy and the Upper East Regional Minister to boot! We vote for her at our own peril and neglect.

It is discombobulating indeed that Tangoba, who claims to be a gender activist would buy sets of football Jerseys for only some male footballers leaving the female footballers out in the cold! So, the gender activist credentials she is touting is cosmetic and at variance with the meaning of gender activism. She doesn't even understand the head or tail of gender activism!

Permit me to aver also that ever since she became Ghana's Ambassador to Italy and presently the Upper East Regional Minister she hasn't done anything in her name to ameliorate the lot or fortunes of the people of Navrongo.

Against this backdrop , it is therefore not amusing at all when she and her campaign team are trying desperately to sell the few projects undertaken by Hon Kofi Adda and the District Assembly as Hon. Tangoba's achievements in Navrongo! Allow me to reiterate that Hon. Tangoba has not done anything for the people of Navrongo . Her sudden and newfound love for Navrongo is mere histrionics meant to win votes for further personal aggrandizement!

Little wonder why she took President Nana Akuffo Addo around the Upper East Region just to commission faulty traffic lights! She didn't even deign to take the President to the Navropio to pay obeisance to the Chief as custom demanded - even when they passed by Navrongo.

Any wonder why during the NPP primaries Hon. Kofi Adda proclaimed that Hon. Tangoba sojourns to Navrongo just to drink beer?!

Whereas the people are languishing in abject misery she was hanging around plush bars and restaurants for the best gourmets!

Moreover, we are aware that it is Honourable Tangoba who is thwarting the refurbishment of the Navrongo Airport . We understand she has had to succumb to pressure mounting from Bolga who are lobbying ferociously for the funds earmarked for the Navrongo Airport to be diverted to building an Airport in Bolga instead - and she decided to use our Airport as her bargaining chip to secure and mantain the regional Minister portfolio. If she could sacrifice or barter our Airport for her personal advancement, we should expect the worse if she becomes an MP.

It was amusing indeed when I watched a video of the unimpressive Upper East Regional Minister , assisted by his paid agents trying, albeit desperately, to paint the picture that STC doesn't believe in the covid 19 science and this got me wondering how a Minister who is worth his salt will be peddling such pedestrian propaganda in the face of the numerous interventions made by STC to curb this ravaging pandemic in Navrongo!!

Ghanaians and of course the people of Navrongo have become so discerning that they refuse to fall for this puerile ruse !

Allow me to reiterate that Hon. Tangoba as an ambassador to Italy never did anything worthwhile for navrongo - in fact she was enjoying by herself until a plan was hatched by detractors of Hon . Kofi Adda to bring her to the region to wrestle Kofi Adda down. We saw how foreigners or if you like aliens we have never set our eyes on in Navrongo stormed the constituency with loads of cash during the NPP primaries just to get Kofi adda out of the picture.

We have learnt from the grapevine that she is consorting with relatives of the finance Minister and that explains the fleet of V8s that ambushed the constituency!

Fortunately, the people of Navrongo already know her well, she was first called Paulina Azupwa, then Paulina Patience Azupwa and today She is called Tangoba Abayage! It is only a person with dubious intentions that will indulge in such name changing gymnastics!

The people of Navrongo need to be wary of a woman who suddenly decides to pack bag and baggage out of her husband's house because of political elevation! A woman who decides to desert or shun her husband because she now has the ability to toast with the bigwigs of her party should be watched carefully!

The people of Navrongo have a duty not to allow strangers to decide the bearing of this constituency . A vote for Tangoba is a vote for her sponsors!

Tangoba will be doing herself a good turn if she puts a cessation on her smear campaign and rather emulate the great interventions of Sampson Tangombu Chiragia in Navrongo.

Realizing the dire consequences the Covid 19 induced lockdown is having on the education of the little ones in Navrongo - since Pupils in Navrongo lack the accoutrements needed for virtual learning - STC decided to procure reading books on the various subjects to enable pupils across the Constituency to continue learning even at home! This intervention is not only timely but also non-discriminatory as every Pupil, both Male and Female has at least a book! That is the spirit !

Anuga Fortunate(From the Ghetto)