11.10.2020 Feature Article

The Assassination of the Mfantseman Member of Parliament by Alleged Armed Robbers is Unequivocally Condemnable

Ekow Quansah Hayford (Hon), the Member of Parliament for Mfantseman in the Central RegionEkow Quansah Hayford (Hon), the Member of Parliament for Mfantseman in the Central Region
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The deliberate assassination of Ekow Quansah Hayford (Hon), the Member of Parliament for Mfantseman in the Central Region, by alleged armed robbers, for simply being a politician is not only cowardly criminal but also, unequivocally condemnable.

Why should one be killed for doing a particular job in the service of the nation, even if presumably, many of the members of that profession are thieves or nation-wreckers? Should there not be an exercise of discrimination, separating the chaff from the wheat, thus, going after the known corrupt ones when deciding to punish people for wrongdoing? Even here, who has bestowed the right upon individuals, especially an armed robber, a worse criminal of course, to punish a perceived corrupt person or politician?

Are the alleged armed robbers trying to convey a message to the nation that politicians are more dangerous to ruining the nation than they, the armed robbers? Armed robbers are known not only to deprive innocent persons of their valuables but life, or maim them, as has sadly happened to Ekow Quansah Hayford (Hon). Therefore, are they not worse than politicians who may steal but not physically kill? Are the armed robbers not in the same boat with the politicians, if indeed all politicians are criminals, and as a result made life difficult for the ordinary Ghanaians?

There may be more to it than meets the eye. Was he killed simply for being a politician, thus a Member of Parliament, or he was killed in such a cold blood for being a member of a particular political party? Whatever the actual reason for their undisclosed motive than politicians worsening the lives of many in Ghana, the security forces of the nation must be assisted by the public to locate those criminals to deal with them in line with the appropriate laws in place.

Those NDC guys and politicians loudly broadcasting their intended evils to be unleashed on the nation among which are kidnappings, killings, arson and insults, I call on you to bow down your heads in shame following the death of Ekow Quansah Hayford (Hon). Whether they have a hand in it or not, the callous manner in which he has lost his life bears resemblance to the hell the NDC have planned to rain on Ghanaians in their resolute determination to win power to govern Ghana come 7 December 2020.

I may be tempted to believe that either the NDC have a hand in the assassination of the MP, or their irresponsible, uncivilized and machismo utterances in public and in private, to murder or kidnap people, all with intent to winning election 2020, by hook or by crook, might have incited the alleged armed robbers to commit that heinous fatal crime against the MP.

In order not to waste time, may I suggest to the President, the NPP government, the Security Services and Ghanaians as following:

1. It is highly commendable the President's directive to the police to find the perpetrators of the lethal crime against the MP. However, the President must be firmer, while being fair and friendly to the security services, to order them to be extra vigilant and robust in their fight against crimes in Ghana. The President himself, his appointees and the security agents should not yield in to any pleas by whomever, to go "softly softly" on, thus, deal leniently with, any criminal arrested in relation to any crime they commit. The known pleading by chiefs, important personalities, government appointees, on behalf of criminals, to set them free from whatever crimes they are caught to have committed, has emboldened many criminals to commit reprehensible crimes against many an innocent Ghanaian.

2. The security agents must be more professional. They must themselves not be scene to engage in crimes regardless how petty or gargantuan the crimes are. Any security operative found to be involved in any crime must be severely dealt with to serve as deterrence to others. They must be prosecuted, convicted and jailed or sacked.

3. Any radio or television station that will allow any political party member, their agents or assigns, to come on air to make utterances directed at wreaking havoc on Ghana and the people of Ghana for their parochial selfish-interests, as are currently the character of the NDC and their flagbearer, must suffer the revocation of their licence to operate as a media house. Unless draconian laws are introduced to make Ghanaians behave more as rational beings, ceasing our bush-like machismo attitudes as are spearheaded by certain characters within NDC, worse things are bound to happen to Ghanaians with the assassinations being the tip of the iceberg.

4. Had Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo, the NDC National Chairman, properly and swiftly been prosecuted and convicted, the nonsensical criminal bravado in display by many uncivilized characters in the NDC would have long been the thing of the past. But for the dilly-dallying through the completely absurd adjournments by our legal system, allowing him to saunter through the streets of Ghana still carrying on with his harboured criminal intents, many criminals are encouraged to execute their criminal activities on Ghanaians. Why is that bastard Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo, a shame to the womb that conceived him and the Pentecost Church of Ghana for still keeping him as their Church Elder, still a free man in Ghana to go on air to talk balderdash?

5. No matter how best a government performs, if it fails to guarantee the safety, protection and security of the citizenry, there is the greater risk of its achievements being swept to the back burner. Therefore, the President must not joke with the ongoing intended crimes to be unleashed on Ghanaians by the NDC. The NDC want the citizens to turn against the NPP government by the intensification of their threats to commit crimes.

6. All Ghanaian citizens must help fight the ongoing crimes in the country to make the nation safe for all of us. We must anonymously report unusual characters and activities in our homes and localities to the police. We are in the fight against armed robbers and all criminal activities together. Without us assisting the police or the soldiers, they may not know about all the criminal activities going on in the country.

7. The police must dedicate special crime contact phone numbers on which they can be contacted to pass on intelligence information, report committed crimes or criminals.

8. Should an armed robber be arrested, his wife and family members he lives with must also be arrested for failing to notify the police about the armed robber's activities. If your husband is an armed robber, you will surely know. In the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada or the USA, if a terrorist is arrested, his wife, parents or close friends will also be arrested for interrogation. Similarly, we have to do same to those close to armed robbers and other hardened criminals. This is the only way we may be able to successfully curtail or eliminate criminal activities in Ghana.

9. All vehicles in Ghana must gradually be mandated to have dashcams ( a video camera attached to the windshield or dashboard of a vehicle, used to record the view outside, or, with a double lens, both outside and inside the vehicle) to assist with tracing and identifying criminals on our roads.

10. MPs must immediately be provided with personal protection escort, especially in the days leading up to the 7 December 2020 election. They must not travel by night and if they must find themselves late in any town or village on their campaign tour, the chiefs or the party members in the area must arrange them accommodation for the night.

To conclude, I advise Ghanaians not to panic, or get so furious with the NPP government to rather decide not to vote, or to vote for the NDC. The NDC are not any better alternative. By their pronouncements, they are wicked and could very likely be behind those committing heinous crimes against Ghanaians if they are not committing such crimes themselves.

My heartfelt condolence to the mother, wife, children and the entire family of the bereaved family of the late Ekow Quansah Hayford (Hon). May his soul rest in peace in the bosom of patriarch Abraham.

The battle is the Lord's!

Rockson Adofo

Saturday, 10 October 2020

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