The People's Manifesto

Feature Article The People's Manifesto
SEP 12, 2020 LISTEN

A Party that respects the people must naturally draw and design its manifesto to meet the aspirations and desires of the people - that is exactly what President Mahama and the NDC has done!

In fact, President Mahama has even gone several notches higher by according to the people themselves the right to draw and design the NDC's Manifesto - hence the name THE PEOPLE's MANIFESTO!

This is the closest one can ever get in this 21st Century in replicating the Greek Athenian Direct Democracy! The Athenian Democracy afforded its people the right to make decisions of governance directly by themselves and this made governance then responsive and truly representative.

If anybody has doubts about the relevance of allowing the people to draw and design a party's manifesto, those doubts should have been cleared by now with the reality of the volte-face the NPP has taken in tweaking its manifesto, in some cases discreetly, to ape the NDC's THE PEOPLE's MANIFESTO.

Nana Addo's tenure in office has been characterized by lawlessness and impunity, fiscal indiscipline, conflict of interest, economic brigandage, nepotism and in most cases family and friends induced fraud and downright thievery!

President John Mahama is the only hope of our times if Ghana is to reposition itself on the track of development!

With the BIG PUSH, which amounts to over 10 billion dollars worth of investment in infrastructure, Ghana is on the cusp of becoming the hub of relevant infrastructure in Africa if President Mahama assumes office after 7 December!

The rescue mission is a must

The people's manifesto is the way forward!

Anuga Fortunate (The Ghetto man)