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Mr. President, This Your Posture Will Impede Discipline In Our Schools

Mr. President, This Your Posture Will Impede Discipline In Our Schools
LISTEN AUG 9, 2020

The president's posture on having clemency on those sassy, insulting, undisciplined, and lazy students certainly has a price to pay in the future. I think they actually deserved to have to been punished and punished severely too.

Look, let no one think I'm a sadistic or I can empathise with the parents of these students or the students themselves. No! Discipline is discipline and we can't politically compromise it as we have done to other sectors in this country. Politics has made everything so messy that, any bad thing that one does in society, one will still get people to support one's bad deeds.

This attitude of our today's children(students) is emulated from our politicians, who go to sit on national radio or TV stations and hurl unprintable insults at each one. It's a common practice that, children pick up the attitude and behaviour of adults they live with or see act in public. Therefore, such vituperations are easily picked up by these children. Our leaders especially, political leaders must learn to behave like role models in society.

As a Catholic, I believe in the spirit of forgiveness as preached both in the Bible and by my Catholic dogmatism. However, I think we must teach our children to be respectful and responsible by rebuking them when they go wrong. Showing too much love to our children doesn't lie in how we forgive them in every wrong they do. We might rather be encouraging them to do more.

This situation of the president having tempered justice with mercy has the propensity to inspire some other students to do the same or even worse. Also, it's like a conflict parents encounter in training their children at home. The child does something wrong and the father wants to stamp his authority in correcting to discipline the child and the mother with motherly compassion thinks otherwise. In a situation like this, if the father overlooks the immorality unruly behaviours of the child, the end becomes disastrous. But what the president has done to me is setting a very bad precedent to management of institutions and that of the GES who have earlier taken the best decision to punish these bad nuts and send a warning to the rest of our students.

I can even tell you GES and government are to be blamed for the current uncultured and ill-mannered attitude of students across the country. This they contributed by disallowing the discipline of students in our schools. In the recent past, many parents have had problems with teachers disciplining their wards and many ended up in besting the teacher or in a more appropriate manner through legal procedures. We have forgotten that, where some of these so-called rights of a child are practised is of a complete different cultural setting with its own ability to accommodate the behaviour of these children. We don't just emulate without assessing our own circumstances.

How come a teacher can't discipline a spoiled child that gets discipline at home for bad behaviour? Isn't it hypocritical enough to have parents beating, insulting and reprimanding their children but when a teacher who takes over the duties of parents in the school does that, it becomes an issue? We are not helping our children with this kind of double standards attitude in society.

The president to me could only ask for less punitive measures on these children but not to just let go of them as if what they did isn't bad enough. If your child insults you in the house and you ignore it because you think you're the best father, he will take it outside to disgrace you and not himself. This is rather a disgrace to the parents of these children and the president must brace up for more insults later. These are the children who grow to become leaders who can insult anyone anyhow without any provocation at all.

Kind sort of training are we giving to them now? Do these children insult their parents if they expect Christmas gifts better what they get from their parents? I agree the government whetted their appetite by buying these past questions for them. Because, if they got everything free why wouldn't they think the past questions were part of the free education policy package? I think next time government will learn what to get for these students bad not encouraging them to cheat in exams or just spoon-feeding them.

Let us not compromise our educational system or we stand to regret when international bodies start to reject our certificates for the sake of credibility. We can see it happens in some of our sister countries and it's not a pleasant thing for one to work hard and get a cert only for another to sit in the comfort of humanity her zone and get even a better one without going through the walls of any institution. It's highly painful.

Government must, therefore, ensure that these students remain in school for the required time they need to be there. Provide the needed resources and logistics for quality teaching and learning process and also motivate teachers to give out their best in teaching these students and preparing them for their final exams. It is far better than what we have at hand now.

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