09.08.2020 Feature Article

Let your Vote Count!

Let your Vote Count!
09.08.2020 LISTEN

All too soon the new voter ID registration exercise is coming to an end today. The fears and the hopes that characterized the new voter ID compilation process is one that goes down the annals of history. But the EC has done a great job and deserve commendation. Indeed, everything shall pass and no condition that comes to the way of men is permanent.

Let’s be reminded that elections are determined by the people who show up and not by prophecies! In case you have still made up your mind not to vote please note that somewhere inside of you is the power to change the world. Therefore not going out to vote is not in any way a protest but a surrender. It is true that some of the developments that occurred during the period are disturbing but that should not in anyway intimidate you. Ghana belongs to all of us.

The arrival of December 7th 2020 means several things to many people. Whiles some will be jubilating others may be crying but at the end of the day, Ghana will win. That clearly is the beauty of our democracy so inspire your friends, family and everyone to vote and participate in the general elections. Talk is cheap, voting is free; take it to the polls. If you ever think that just one vote in a sea of millions cannot make much of a difference, consider some of the closest elections that happened around you in Ghana. Decide who makes the decisions on the issues you care about. I don’t want to worry you with legal terms today pertaining to why you must vote. But in the simplest term, voting gives you the power to decide how Ghana is run. The MPs you help to elect will be making decisions on issues that you care about, including NHIS, education, housing, industry, economy and the environment. By voting in the election you can support a candidate who will represent your views in parliament and can influence the policy issues you care about. An election is also your chance to speak out if you have a complaint about the way the country is being run. Remember, voting is not the only way to participate but it’s the quickest and easiest way! Please make up your mind to vote.

In case you are not convinced yet, let me tell you another reason why you must vote. Voting is important even if you don’t think your candidate will win. Living in a safe seat constituency doesn’t mean your vote won’t make a difference. If everyone just ‘gives up’ change will never happen. Supporting a candidate who might not necessarily win has a number of implications. Firstly, you will show the winning candidate what issues they should be focusing on if they want to win your vote next time around. This is why I’m challenging you to go and vote.

Even if you don’t like any of the candidates please you can leave your ballot blank, or spoil it. Staying at home just makes you another statistic, it is presumed you are just uninterested. By actively going to the polling station and not selecting any candidate before submitting to the ballot box, you become a voice for the disengaged. Blank Votes and Spoiled Ballots are read out at the count, along with the results and are also included in subsequent reports. Your apathy towards the political parties will be heard not just forgotten.

Ghana is all we have. We do not have Akan Ghana and Ewe Ghana or Ga Ghana. Don’t allow politicians to poison your reasoning. Vote wisely.

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