08.08.2020 Feature Article

How Divine Odonkor Saved Ghana From Torrential Encumbrances

How Divine Odonkor Saved Ghana From Torrential Encumbrances
08.08.2020 LISTEN

The swag of the dog tails comes from the heart, so Western Togoland liberation discourse comes from the core of Western Togolanders.

Decades of insult, maltreatment, neglect and abuse of Western Togolanders have pushed them to trace the origin of their existence. Looking for peace and human dignity, finding none can be very frustrating yet the truth like a fertile seed will always germinate no matter how deep you bury it.

It was not too long and so hard when the people of Western Togoland discovered the truth in United Nations authentic self-explanatory documents. Western Togoland and Ghana are two equal States supposed to be in union with equal status and dignity. It was also bare that the administering power, United Kingdom (UK) refused to do what she was appointed by the United Nations to do, namely prepare Western Togoland to become a sovereign state, free to negotiate state to state agreements with other countries.

The people of Western Togoland conclusively demanded the restoration of the motherland, Western Togoland. This is a legitimate demand, yet Ghana has ignored their request and adopted antagonistic manoeuvres by arresting and detaining people perceived pivotal to the liberation course. This exasperated the citizens of Western Togoland to the point that if care is not taken, unwanted events would let loose on the country and the sub-region. Fortunately, thanks to the right intervention of the Secretary-General of Peoples’ Liberation Council, Mr Divine Ocquaye Odonkor, whose timely intervention has prevented a lot of havoc that might have happened.

Mr Odonkor took it upon himself to educate these aggravated citizens to observe both international and Ghana laws, making sure that their actions conform with Ghana and international laws. That is the sure way to achieve whatever you want in peace.

Mr Odonkor’s firmness in operating within the framework of Ghana’s constitution, even when Ghanaians arrested Western Togolanders and maltreat them, has made some Western Togolanders to believe that he might be Ghana’s agent in disguise and wanted to keep Western Togoland under Ghana’s oppressive rule.

Now that the table has turned, that Mr Odonkor has been arrested and treated in the same manner as they treated our fellow Western Togolanders, many of them now believe that after all, Mr Odonkor is not Ghana’s agent, yet they are wondering if he would still want them to obey Ghana’s law? These are the calls that the PLC communication team have been receiving.

We want to assure our Citizens and our neighbouring country, Ghana, that Mr Odonkor is a product of PLC and will follow the guiding principles of the organization no matter what the predicament. PLC believes that all stakeholders must act constitutionally.

Even though PLC did not expect Mr Divine Odonkor’s arrest, it is by divine intervention that the long brooded secret plan to kidnap him has turned to be an arrest. We knew that he was being trailed but because we have openly explained our activities to our persecutors that we were doing nothing wrong.

The devil knows the truth but decides to destroy it. PLC must be equally serving the devil if PLC connives to bury the truth alive. So, we reveal everything to anyone who cares to know and we will continue telling the world our side of the story.

Indeed the world is unpredictable, and now that Mr Odonkor is in Court, PLC is determined and believes that the court will give a level playing field to all actors.

We encourage our citizens to hold onto their beliefs in whatever they do and endeavour to fulfil their life mission here, joyfully to the end.

Thank you,

Mr. Seth Mifetu.

Mr. Solomon Agbenya

(PLC communication team)