Who Is A Great Leader: John Mahama Or Nana Addo?

Feature Article Who Is A Great Leader: John Mahama Or Nana Addo?
AUG 3, 2020 LISTEN

In a modern Democracy, a great leader is one who is first and foremost able to respect the Constitution of the land, assist in the growth of the Institutions of the State and ultimately ensure the security and protection of the inviolable rights of the citizenry - on the back of sound, feasible and realistic economic policies!

This is the very essence of political leadership!

The raw use of the oppressive instruments of the State to repress the citizenry and the display of empty political bravado does not make one a great leader.

Using the Military and police to witch-hunt one's perceived political foes and attempts to decitizenize your fellow countrymen and women is not a strength of character, neither is it an act of bravery. In fact, it is an act of cowardice!

It is only a shrewd, humble, and contemplative leader who is able to rein in his emotions with the compulsive instruments of the State at his beck and call.

When you juxtapose president Nana Addo with President Mahama - taking the modern definition of who a great leader is , in a Democracy, into cognizance - it is clear Nana Addo cannot hold a candle to John Mahama as far as great leadership is concerned.

What often gets my hackles up when I think about all this craziness going on in Ghana today is that, our institutions such as the Military and police are gradually losing the respect of the citizenry because of the manipulative hand of President Nana Addo and the willingness of some personnel in these institutions to be compromised for fear of victimization.

It appears Nana Addo wasn't in Ghana when Barak Obama gave his lecture on the need for strong institutions.

According to Joseph Hill, the reggae superstar, "it takes Behavior to be a Saviour"

For me, John Mahama has the right behavior to be the Saviour of Ghana.

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