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The Baptism of Adam Revealed!!

The Baptism of Adam Revealed!!
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Part I
In a previous article in this column of mine on the Modern Ghana internet site, titled The Man Tabal-YA’OH Ban Ab-YA’OH, I mentioned somewhat in passing about a “baptism” which Adam the progenitor of the human race received at the hand of the Most High One!!

In it, I also mentioned similarly concerning Nakh (Noah), Ab-ram (Abraham), Masha (Moses), and even en masse of all men of the house of YA’OH-Sharal (Israel??), who were deemed qualified, by their ages of twenty years and above and by their sex as males, to receive “baptism” on two occasions during their journey from Matsraym (Egypt) to Kanaan (Canaan) at the behest of the Most High One.

Maybe, my mention of Adam in particular in relation to baptism might have surprised some readers of the article much more than they probably expected, in comparison with all the other people I also related baptism to.

However, I am happy to be able now to teach in much more detail about the fact that the father of all mankind, Adam, went through the ritual of baptism; just as all who have come after him after his sin have had to if they are to have fellowship with YA’OH, the Most High One! This teaching, I am able to offer by a revelation I received from YA’OH concerning him (Adam) which shows me how the ways of the Most High One ought to be understood by mankind!!

I must say right from this onset that I hate using the Greek-based heathen word “baptism” in attempting to teach a holy spiritual phenomenon, which is not just some ritualistic occurrence or act but one of such great value and importance to YA’OH as for Him to always perform it on members of the house of YA’OH-Sharal who are the only known true descendants from Ghabar (Eber), Palag (Peleg), Tharakh (Terah) and Ab-ram—cf. Barashayth (Genesis??) 11:15-27—to be the truly holy family or bloodline of all mankind; of which I, yours truly, too am a happy and blessed descendant!!

But then, because the word baptism is a very popular one among Christians (who are also the principal target audience I am sent to caution by this article) in their understanding of the word, I am compelled to also use it; but I do so sparingly and with much caution!

Note that the word “baptism” does not appear in the Old Testament of the English Bible; not even once! This seems strange since it is generally known that a complete Greek version, known as the LXX or Septuagint, which is a translation of the Tanakh (Hebrew Old Testament??), has been available and in existence from as far back as about 170 BCE.

Does the LXX therefore establish or seek to prove that the issues relating to baptism, as described and taught in the New Testament of the English Bible, which is claimed to have been of Greek originality, never existed in the Tanakh and therefore had no bearing to it (the LXX)?

There are two simple reasons why the word baptism is nonexistent in the Old Testament of the English Bible of Christians, even though both the concept and the actual ritual associated with it are conspicuously performed for the benefit of many people of that dispensation or era and thus clearly obvious in the narratives of the Tanakh.

The reasons are that translators who translated the Tanakh into the LXX either never found an appropriate Greek word or words to describe the phenomenon or they were simply blind to the reality of this phenomenon even though it clearly manifested itself among the descendants of Ghabar; and thus, it never occurred to them to seek to capture its meaning in Greek-thought for readers of their LXX (which, by the way, is the Roman numeral for 70 and is thus named because a cumulative total of seventy translators brought it to its finality after about a century and a decade of work between 280-170 BCE).

But, of course, such an obvious limitation on the part of Greek translators of the Tanakh into the LXX clearly reveals that they were never mandated by YA’OH to do this job they took upon themselves and did; otherwise, He would have made available to them all the resources they would need, inclusive of vocabulary of language. It is evident from this fact alone that no translation of the Tanakh into any language ever had the blessing of YA’OH!!

Secondly, it seems to me that because, as can be seen from the Tanakh, any issues relating to or discernable as relating to “baptism” were all always masterminded and executed secretly by the Most High One ALONE, and thus were never known so as to be understood by any humans as they occurred, no one ever got to know of the import of these rituals in order to even understand them and to have them in their minds as beliefs of faith to be held in conversation among even the children of YA’OH-Sharal themselves—for whom and upon whom these rituals were often performed through the hand of YA’OH Himself!

So then, the phenomenon and ritualistic acts of “baptism” now clearly seen today by critical examiners of the Tanakh (and of the Old Testament of the Christian English Bible) had always been top secrets of the Most High One that were thus never to be known, so as to even be understood and thus talked about in times past.

One of the reasons I am led to write this article is to teach, or rather reveal, from the Rawakh Qadash of YA’OH, which is the same as the rawakh of Ghabaray, rather than from or by the text or letter of Ghabaray (a text of which I have almost no knowledge anyway), the concept and phenomenon of YA’OH which Christians, without understanding Him, crudely and even wrongly hold as “baptism” and therefore perform in many weird ways without any certainty of being mandated by Him to do.

You see, the phenomenon called “baptism” is the very power of creation! It is the power behind, in and of how everything that had been created by YA’OH came to exist!! It is this phenomenon which brought into effect and being everything of and in creation; which hitherto was all in His mind only!

It is the power behind every kind of birth, whether physical or abstract, that has come into the universe at the behest of YA’OH the CREATOR!! And even if of the abstract, the same phenomenon is involved in bringing about such invisible but yet present and real things such as heat, light, sound, wind and air!

In fact, it is only in, by and of the phenomenon called baptism that all the varied kinds of life have come to exist in the universe; and also the means for all life to be eternally sustained has also been produced by this same phenomenon!

For, just as the phenomenon called “baptism” produced the plant as is revealed in the book of Genesis on creation, it is this same phenomenon which produced and still produces the sunlight and solar heat that are so indispensable in empowering the growth and development of this same plant.

Many people have not understood or even known of these powers or of this phenomenon of baptism because they lack the understanding of the opening words of the Bible! The words of Genesis 1:1-2 are, to me, the most misunderstood of all verses in the English Bible; and once these verses are misunderstood, all of the numerous verses of this Bible following after them will also be misunderstood as a matter of course!

I am by no means trying to imply that the English Bible, as it is, is all safe and wholesome meat to consume and digest, as if it is a thing of or from the Creator; and less so that if Genesis 1:1-2 is properly understood then its safety is guaranteed! The reality would be far from this in critical thought!

The English Bible, for those who are familiar with my teachings in this column, must be viewed at best as a general information book, and with the understanding that there are within this general information many untruths, lies and outright deceptions which must be sifted out in order for anyone to get to any gold that may be within it.

And in such a task that is aimed at getting any gold of or in the Bible, a man’s ONLY helper is the Rawakh Qadash of YA’OH if the one is blessed to have him abide in his being as a gift from Him; and not of even by the so-called Holy Spirit of GOD of English-led Christians!

You see, the words of Genesis 1:1-2 are simply an announcement of the intent of the Creator to establish His universe where He had always wanted it before He created it!! These verses ONLY constitute a preamble, an expression of thought and intent, toward establishing the coming of creation of the universe.

They reveal to mankind today that when the Creator intended to create a universe underneath or beneath His own abode and looked downwards onto the location where this universe was to be, all what He saw occupying that location were as He described in these verses; all of which were His own possessions anyway which He had placed there purposefully, temporally, and for the only reason of using them to create His universe in due time!

These first two verses of Genesis do not teach or reveal that the Creator had indeed finished working and thus had already produced all those things stated there, and or that He even finished making or creating a formless earth that was void of anything, as many ignorantly think!

For, a formless and void earth is obviously not what any mankind has ever beholden of the Earth as being! And yet, if indeed the Creator created a formless and void Earth, it would have remained to be seen ever since as such, because all what the Creator creates abides forever and never changes!

So then, mankind must need some help, with much of the common sense YA’OH has liberally given to us all, in order to be able to understand Genesis 1:1-2. Thankfully, this same English Bible in Genesis 1:3 and ff. gives a blow by blow account, after its earlier statements in the verses 1-2 of the chapter 1, about how YA’OH created the heavens and the earth with all the things we see in them even today as He caused them to abide and remain so forever; just as all who have been born into the Earth have in their days seen them to be in the same way that they had been ever since creation!

Let us look at what six things existed within the preamble I deem Genesis 1:1-2 to be, whether all these six things still exist today and whether they are still in the same state in which they were at the time this preamble to creation was uttered as an announcement!

Obviously, there were waters, and ha Rawakh Qadash (the Spirit of God??) was also there hovering over these waters; then, there was darkness, the face of the deep, a void or empty space, and a place without form!

However, at the end of the creation of all things, which all began coming into being according to the English Bible from its accounts in Genesis 1:3 to finally end or become complete at Genesis 2:1, it became obvious that whatever was void or was without form, was no longer there to exist since the coming of a beautifully shaped Earth filled with many things had replaced it!!

Part II
The cause of the departure or vanishing of any void and formless things to be replaced by a well-shaped Earth with visible things will later be explained in a little more detail in this article, but suffice it to say now that these were made to happen by the remaining four things that were also present before the departure or vanishing of these two!

In fact, that which was described as void and without form was in reference to non-tangible and abstract things; for nothing that ever manifests itself to be tangible can ever vanish later on in order for it to be replaced with or by anything else if indeed it had been already in existence as a created item. And this is one more reason why Genesis 1:1-2 can only be a preamble concerning some good things that were to come, and never that in themselves there were any good [or even bad and ugly] things already in existence to later on be “gone with the wind”; for, all what YA’OH creates abides forever!!

Note that all four of the six things which remained after void and without form were gone—notably, waters, Rawakh Qadash of YA’OH, the face of the deep and darkness—are all things which were never created at any known time and thus were already there before creation, or are eternal and thus never to go away!! This further lends a huge support to my claim that Genesis 1:1-2 is all about a preamble announcing a coming event of creation; and not of creation itself!

So then, the waters we drink every day and use for all our many activities in our day was never created; and if it was never created, could it not be the very essence of the Creator or be He Himself to have brought all creation about? Well, this is food for thought as we go along in this article.

If we follow the creation account from Genesis 1:3—2:1 very well, we’ll notice that a mass of waters (in vapor state) are involved in every detail of creation and at every second in creation.

First and foremost, for instance, a mass of waters is what was sliced into two by the firmament that was created to separate waters from waters and to eventually separate shamaym (heavens) from arats (earth), and thus making visibly clear forever a face or an interface which is seen separating the place where the Earth was scheduled to be when viewed from where ALA’AYM (God??) sat as He looked downward.

So then, the firmament was created to act solely as a separator between two masses of waters [vapors]—one above and the other below it—and so must of itself be composed wholly of same waters as are above and below it, since nothing different from waters had as yet been created by YA’OH, besides light which indeed is of His very being! From this, it is obvious that the first item of creation, the firmament, is born of waters—cf. Genesis 1:6-8—and must thus be of waters. Oh, what wonders!!

The accounts of creation proceeding from Genesis 1:8 beyond the creation of the firmament tell of how everything that is visible as part of creation was also directly begotten or born of waters and must thus also be of waters!! And so, everything of creation that can be found beneath and above the firmament is begotten directly of waters or indirectly for those begotten from any that were previously begotten before them!!

It is very easy to comprehend this if we keep in mind that in the preamble of Genesis 1:1-2, and after the eventual departure of a formlessness and any voids, waters forever remained and therefore must be understood to be both a raw material and a power in the coming into being or beginning of all creation!

Waters begat all things of the Earth, notably, the seas, the lands with hills and valleys, rivers and streams and lakes, grasses and trees, creeping things and beasts, birds, and man. Clearly, therefore, waters is a component of all things; and all things are a component of waters!! And by a firm and safe deduction too, waters has its signature embossed in all things of creation that we have or see on Earth.

The same can be said of all the things of creation in the atmosphere and in outer space or above the firmament. You see, the sun, moon, planets, stars, etc., are all composed of waters and thus all also bear the signature of the Creator, just as all things on Earth, since the Creator is Himself waters and thus inhabits His creation forever and everywhere!!

Well, if you seem to be shocked by this statement, I promise to soon reveal in more detail why the Creator is Himself waters too!

Since all of creation is now revealed to have come out of waters, and the Creator is indeed waters, all things are composed of what is of and in the very being of the Creator, principally a pure and holy life and immortality!

And if life and immortality, we can talk of the DNA of the Creator becoming available and manifesting in mankind too! This is simply mindboggling!! And if you ever heard the adage that “water is life” you can begin to breathe into your system all this truth and reality about YA’OH and His waters!!

And now, here comes the revelation on the “baptism” of Adam which is my main task of writing this article! But then, my dear reader, maybe this revelation has already been seen by you from deeply considering or thinking over all the foregoing of my article as a prelude to this revelation about Adam and his “baptism”??

You see, of all the many misconceptions by Christians concerning their beliefs and rituals about baptism, there is a particular one that takes them a little close to the reality of the phenomenon since it is borne of common sense. This is where adults are dipped in waters and made to walk out of these same waters; and thus considered to be born of these waters they step out from! And this may seem to be a semblance of how Adam too stepped out of waters as the freshest living adult that ever came to Earth!

Perhaps, you do not see Adam step out of waters onto Earth as a living adult bubbling with life. If so, I am going to demonstrate it to you.

You see, when there was no piece of soil or land, but only waters [vapor] beneath the firmament, YA’OH commanded for these waters to come together to form a mass of waters [liquid] to form the sea waters just as they still exist today, and for “dry land” to be born of and by these same sea waters so as to become Earth; and it has been so ever since the earth was created.

Since Adam is a product of the earth and the earth itself a product of waters, then Adam too is a product of waters; meaning Adam was born of waters in maybe the same way that Christians seek to be born of waters in their understanding of “baptism”. So then, was Adam a product of “baptism”? Methinks so, just as YA’OH thinks and not as Christians do!!

In fact, it was for Adam to experience “baptism” that YA’OH caused the entire Earth to be born of waters with him as a part or component of the Earth as a product of “baptism”! This must be so since Adam had to be born of waters in order to be waters so as to become boss over the entire Earth and over all creation, all of which are born of waters and thus all of waters too.

We can therefore say that Adam was both the epitome or master and the sole beneficiary of all things that are born of waters! He was thus to be master or ruler over himself too, except that he failed in this and allowed a strange spirit in a serpent to make him become servant to it.

Ever since the Fall of Adam, the heart cry of mankind has been to get back to the state of purity that his progenitor had before being beguiled to commit sin. However, mankind has not been able to, since the sin of his ancestor Adam got transferred into him at birth and thus made it impossible to reach such a goal!

Maybe, mankind in his predicament could have seen the solution to his sin-situation and problems beyond Adam and to be in the one who produced Adam, i.e. waters, but was unable or not permitted to make contact with these waters for the solutions he sought!

After all descendants of Adam had struggled to no avail in trying to overcome the power of sin in them by trying to reach the holy waters that brought forth their progenitor, it was time for the Creator to get rid of all mankind from the face of the Earth; regretting for even ever bringing forth mankind out of His holy and pure waters.

And so, YA’OH sent the Flood in the days of Nakh (Noah) who, together with his family, was judged as being righteous before YA’OH, of all inhabitants of the Earth.

As it were, YA’OH took Nakh and his family back to His drawing board and His only incubator for the human seed—waters! The almighty and wise YA’OH housed Nakh and his family in an ark for 190 days and nights; the first 40 days and nights of which they experienced rainfall as never before seen delivered from the heavens to the Earth, and afterwards for 150 days of sea wave bashing or spraying against their ark as it drifted directionless on waters.

At the end of it all, Nakh and his three sons (and their wives) came out of the Flood waters bubbling with new life, having been begotten or born of waters with the same value and quality of life as did Adam on his first day on Earth!

Thankfully, this singular manner to have life given back to mankind in “baptism” as a phenomenon of being born [again] of waters can be experienced by ALL who YA’OH chooses to have to Himself in fellowship and as His sons; though not as any people may choose to become. And since it is the right of YA’OH to choose who among His creation to have as a son and to fellowship with, the “baptism” of any individual is His sole act of mercy and love!

Are any humans involved in this “baptism”? Does YA’OH not have any representatives in the performing of “baptism” to those He chooses to have to Himself?? Well, I don’t know, since in my case there was no third party involved; it was just between me and YA’OH ALONE, as I recounted in my previous article About the Man Tabal-YA’OH Ban Ab-YAOH referenced earlier on in this article!

Note that even in the crossing of the Red sea and later on in the crossing of the Yardan (Jordan) river, wherein “baptism” was performed on deserving men (only) of the house of YA’OH-Sharal as I have mentioned earlier in this article, neither of the two leaders Masha (Moses) nor YA’OH-Shai (Joshua) acted as “baptizers” since they did not even know nor were they aware of what YA’OH was doing or did to His own chosen people!!

Which mortal being “baptizedMasha and Ab-ram? None; ONLY the immortal YA’OH! And so, I know not of any apostle, pastor, evangelist, archbishop or apostle general of Christianity worthy or chosen by YA’OH to stand in His stead to conduct “baptism” as a ritual for anyone to enter a new life in order to have an eternal fellowship with Him! The ignorance of Christian clergymen about this is what renders their works in this regard of no value to any one of their teeming followers nor to YA’OH either!

Paradoxically, all mankind besides Nakh and his family were killed by the same waters that brought new life to him and his sons!! Well, it is no longer strange in our world to experience the love of YA’OH and at the same time his wrath, in and through waters; and as being a demonstration of His nature!!

From all the foregoing, the following must have been clear and obvious: That the phenomenon called “baptism” reveals how everything of creation has been born of waters and how these waters were themselves never created but exist to fill all creation, eternally; and thus must stand for the Creator Himself and His very being!

So then, the presence of waters in all things of creation means that YA’OH is in all things and that all things belong to Him; inclusive of all rocks, since all have a measure of waters in them and were even once saturated with waters as sedimentary rocks, anyway.

The presence of waters in all things therefore establishes them to have the DNA of YA’OH as He has determined for each and all varieties of His creation; and are established to be so eternally. This is so for all except mankind, who chooses to sin to have the DNA of YA’OH in him driven out; only to be possibly restored to him in an appropriate “baptism” by a wisdom incomprehensible by human minds and thus hardly achievable by mankind.

In all of this, when anyone becomes born of waters [possibly in a second chance but never a third] and thus spiritually becomes waters, he then qualifies to have ha Rawakh Qadash come to hover over him, [and even to dwell within him] just as he (Rawakh Qadash) was seen to hover over waters from which creation was later to come into being in the beginning.

Well, for me, this joy of having once again to be born of waters, and thus qualified to have ha Rawakh Qadash not only hover over me but also dwell in me at all times, makes me so dedicated and committed to serving YA’OH as any son would to his father by the service He (my truest and most genuine Father) has commanded me to render Him in being His beloved son.

And finally, talking about being a son to YA’OH brings to my mind the ONLY true son of YA’OH who I am compelled to imitate! For it is he who acts on all the words uttered by YA’OH requesting of him to produce the various products of creation as to have them come into being.

This special son of YA’OH is the living waters of creation, who in submission to the will of his Ab (Father) would use his very substance and nature (waters) which are inexhaustible, to produce whatever his Ab demands and commands of him. And from his loyalty to his Ab must all the children of mankind learn submission to the will of their earthly fathers! And this was all I promised at the beginning of the Part II of this article that I would give further clarity about.

I pray YA’OH gives you more and deeper understanding to the issues raised in this article. And please, my dear reader, ask me any questions related to this article and any of my previous ones should anything I have stated in them demand further clarification.

The writer, NngmingBongle Bapuohyele aka Tabal-YA'OH Ban Ab-YA'OH, is a Thorah-Based Life-Coach of HaBaYTh YA'OH-SharaL (GH) and Author. His Email Contact Address is: [email protected]