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02.06.2020 Social News

CSOs Launch $100,000 COVID-19 Support Project

CSOs Launch $100,000 COVID-19 Support Project
LISTEN JUN 2, 2020

Cluster of CSOs in Bono East, Bono and Ahafo regions will on 15th of this month launches its new $10000 Covid-19 response project which aimed at addressing the challenges that vulnerable communities in Bono East, Bono and Ahafo regions are facing in the wake of COVID-19.

The project dubbed “COVID-19 VULNERABLE COMMUNITIES SUPPORT (CVCS) PROJECT” is to support CSOs collaborative efforts around Covid-19 and to stimulate creative interventions that promote resilience within and among vulnerable communities.

The CSOs Cluster to implement the project are Global Media Foundation, World Evangelical Alliance Business Coalition Ghana, Citizens Watch Ghana, Indigenous Women Empowerment Network, West Africa AIDS Foundation, Indigenous Youth Alliance Ghana and Global Coalition on Infectious Diseases.

CSOs through this project, will provide a small seed grant to community-based organizations, women and youth networks who are able to propose programs aimed at enhancing awareness about precautionary measures, supporting vulnerable households, combating discrimination and stigmatization covid-19 victims, and serving the needs of the most vulnerable individuals and communities.

The project is also targeted individuals and organizations deploying direct interventions and community-led mobilization to minimize the spread of the virus and build resilience in urban slums and mining affected settlements that otherwise can be difficult to reach.

The Founder/CEO of Global Media Foundation, Raphael Godlove Ahenu who spoke to the media stressed the need for effective on-the-ground prevention and rehabilitation efforts targeted vulnerable communities in urban informal and mining affected settlements characterized by a dense population and acute poverty.

According to Mr. Ahenu, urban slums and mining affected settlements are pigeonholed by a dense population and acute poverty, which makes social distancing and hygiene standards difficult to practice, adding that without disposable cash to hoard food and basic necessities, these vulnerable communities cannot afford to stop working

Mr Ahenu, who is also the National Coordinator of WEA Business Coalition Ghana, said the consequences of an outbreak in these communities can be devastating with loss of jobs and income, malnutrition and deteriorating health, and will moreover leave entire populations vulnerable by allowing COVID-19 to spread more easily.

The project he said has four strategies

1. Raisingof awareness: focus on training of the media, community health workers andvolunteers, combating misinformation through information campaigns, as well asproviding age- and literacy-appropriate COVID-19 prevention information throughrelevant media platforms including social media.

2. Providing access to basic sanitary supplies: focus on provision of hand washing equipment, clean water containers and community toilets as well as production and distribution of critical supplies like water, soap, sanitizers and personal protective equipment

3. Mitigating educational disruption: focus on supporting parents and caregivers to encourage remote learning as well as distance learning practices including low-tech, peer-to-peer learning and gender-responsive approaches

4. Ensuring community resilience: focus on, supporting entrepreneurs with the development of low cost-to-serve solutions that target vulnerable communities, especially affordable access to basic services

With this, Mr Ahenu called for partners and donors to support the implementation of this vulnerable community-led initiative that can help deploy rapid responses and build community resilience amidst covid-19.

He further called on individuals, corporate companies and institutions as well as Churches to donate to the fund to ensure that vulnerable communities are well catered for in the wake of COVID-19.

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