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The Torture At Golgotha Part 1: A Plea For Man’s Redemption

The Torture At Golgotha Part 1: A Plea For Man’s Redemption
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The roman soldiers had no idea whom they were torturing at Golgotha. As far as they were concerned they were just crucifying and torturing another criminal under the orders of Pilate. To them, He was just a religious zealot who was disturbing the peace of Rome.

Little did they know that He was God in the flesh just seeking expression through a body to redeem man from the eternal doom that awaits those who die unsaved.

The Jews and the Gentiles willfully and gleefully participated in His murder and torture. Everybody was willing to see Him die in the most grotesque and agonizing way if possible.

He was slapped and beaten repeatedly even before appearing before Pontius Pilate, so HIS face was undoubtedly swollen and bleeding, yet He kept quiet as a sheep led to the house of a slaughter He uttered no word of defense, why? Because man must be redeemed. He was stripped of His own garment which suggests He was literally NAKED.

A crown of thorns was now fashioned, some with two-inched barbed quills that will penetrate deep into His head as the crown of thorns was pierced hard into his head to mock Him of his kingship claims. He was then flogged repeatedly by Roman soldiers and mocked by an angry mob. After several hours of sheer agony, combined with blood loss and shock, it is no wonder He was too weak to carry the two hundred pounds cross to Calvary by Himself. Even with Simon carrying His cross, Jesus apparently was too weak to walk unsupported.

Mark 15:22 says “they BROUGHT Him to GOLGOTHA” meaning He was either carried along to the place or constantly supported by these Roman Soldiers. The nails used was long and similar to the modern railroad spikes but much sharper. The nails have to be driven through His wrist so that after He is hanged the wrist will support the body from not falling off the cross.

Medical researches done over the years expressed that the victim of the crucifixion at Golgotha should experience FEVER, INTENSE THIRST, NAUSEA, INCESSANT THROBBING PAIN FROM ALL PARTS OF HIS BODY, HUNGER, DEHYDRATION and WORSENING INFECTIONS. All these took their toll on Jesus’ body. Before this excruciating pains emerged He was already led through the street and made to walk in a public procession in order to maximize the humiliation of the spectacles. The maker of men was beaten, embarrassed, humiliated, ostracized and vilified by the same men He created and He didn’t open his mouth, why?

Because man must be redeemed. What happened at Golgotha wasn’t a helpless man seeking asylum because He was overpowered by men, no. What happened at Golgotha was a deliberate, well calculated, and divinely arranged TORTURE for the redemption of this creature called MAN, and yet MAN still says “Jesus is not Lord, how can a God be beaten? Is he that weak he couldn’t defend Himself?

How can a whole God stand helpless? I won’t believe in these lies, etc.” The truth is if Jesus had not been crucified and tortured, we will not have been delivered and saved from the power of sin and Hell. His silence and compliance was because He has MAN in mind. That’s why HE is the ONLY ACCREDITED WAY and PERSON to this gift called SALVATION. The whole TORTURE He has to endure was a plea that man be redeemed.

The shame He endured, the ignominy and public denial, the blood dripping all over His body through to the bear, the drooling because of tiredness incessant loss of blood and THE TORTURE at GOLGOTHA was a road map to redeem man. From that day till today “WHOEVER MENTIONS THE NAME OF THE LORD SHALL BE SAVED”. Will you call upon Him today? I advise you do.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus! This is my prayer: That I may know you and the power of your RESSURECTION together with the FELLOWSHIP of your suffering. I receive Grace to encounter your saving Power.

R. Duafah

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