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Free CV Clinic at ACCA's Friday Fair:

By Irene Gloria Addison
Free CV Clinic at ACCA's Friday Fair:
LISTEN JUL 9, 2017

My associates and I (I am the owner of HIREghana - ) at HIREghana, we are aware of the reality of:

  1. candidates applying for jobs and getting no responses
  2. or people who are 'stuck' with an old CV format and content (and now they don't know what to do with it) or they just need a tiny bit of help to best present their past work experience (even if that is a few University 'attachments').

So, once again, we partnered with ACCA Ghana and this Friday, we would be offering a FREE CV Clinic at ACCA's Annual Student Summit & Job Fair .

Details of HIREghana's FREE CV Clinic

Audience: Accounting & Finance Students and Professionals

Time : 10 am - 2 pm; please note that the ACCA Job Fair starts earlier

Location: Accra International Conference Center
When: Friday 14th July, 2017
Format: 10-15 minutes 'CV-Talk' with each ACCA Job Hunting candidate, so we could offer you pragmatic individual 'custom-help' with your CV.

HIREghana's CSR Action
I will be personally offering that CV Clinic from 10 am - 2pm this Friday - OBVIOUSLY FOR FREE.

We view this as part of our HIREghana CSR bouquet of activities, and we believe in sending the most senior person to show our commitment to the new Ghanaian generation entering the workforce.

In Conclusion
Come to another great ACCA- event, and while at it, have a quick feedback on your CV.

Get the opportunity to ask all the questions you always had in the back of your mind.

Whether you can or cannot attend, we would like to humbly suggest that you have a look at all these links please:


A great CV places you always ahead of the crowd.

I am looking forward to meeting you at ACCA's Job Fair.

Thank you.
About the Author: Irene Gloria Addison is the owner of HIREghana [Human Intelligence Recruitment], a Leader Recruitment Agency and HRM & OD Consultancy. Irene -who has a LinkedIn footprint of 30.000+ connections- and her team have also been constantly mentoring and coaching candidates on how to improve their LinkedIn presence, their CV and their interviewing skills.

Irene welcomes any feedback/ comments/ remarks/ suggestions via your email message to Press @ HIREgh. Com

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