10 Advantages of Being Married

Health & Fitness benefits of marriage
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benefits of marriage

Many people today take marriage too lightly and think that it is easy to survive a marriage. Moreover, in some countries people believe that marriage is a commonplace term. But when you read these 10 advantages of being married, you might change your mind and see marriage as an important part of life.

1. Longer life
A risk of mortality of married couples is twice lower than that of unmarried couples. When you have a sweetheart and a family, you take better care of yourself, avoid taking unnecessary risks and live a longer, healthier life.

2. Taking better care of yourself
According to statistics, married women and men live healthier and longer lives. That's because they take more responsibilities towards their spouse and children, and they are less likely to harm themselves and they also take better care of themselves.

3. Lower risk of STDs

Married women and men have a lower risk of STDs, because they have a regular and stable sex life. Married couples attain bigger satisfaction because of having sex with a partner they trust and love. This reduces the chance of getting STDs due to unsafe sex.

4. Better health

Another advantage of being married is that women have better health. Good sex contributes to a full sense of happiness and satisfaction that promotes better health. Studies have shown that married couples enjoy better physical and mental health than those not married.

5. Drinking less alcohol

Recent research shows that married men and women have less addiction to alcohol. Married people rarely suffer from depression or turn towards alcohol. They believe that life has far more fulfillment and happiness without drinking alcohol.

6. More earnings

Although it is reported that married women and men spend more money, they also earn more money. Married people have a great stimulus in life in the form of their spouse and kids. And this helps them to achieve higher social status.

7. Easier to bring up kids

It is relatively easy to raise children in an environment where both the father and mother share their responsibilities in taking care of children. Married people provide happier and safer home for their children than single parents.

8. Better quality of life

Married couples can afford an apartment or a home in a nicer more respectable neighborhood. Married people also improve their quality of life. It is easier to pull the load with someone else than to do it on your

9. Lifelong companionship

A happy marriage also helps to ward off feelings of loneliness that people can experience in their lives. The sanctity of marriage offers people a lifelong companionship that is quite difficult to get these days.

10. Health benefits
Married men and women experience numerous health benefits due to their marriage. Typically such benefits include preserving their mental and emotional health, living longer, keeping their hearts healthy and so on. And it's also easier for married people to fight the diseases.

These are all advantages of being married. What do you like most about being married? Share your thoughts,please

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