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Fashion & Lifestyle: Preserve Your Outer Beauty With Care

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Fashion & Lifestyle:  Preserve Your Outer Beauty With Care
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I have heard so many times that beauty comes from the inside but that does not mean one should not preserve the outer beauty as well.

Do you know whether you have a dry, normal or oily skin type? These are some of the questions worth asking yourself when investing in skin and beauty products. Don't just think expensive skin products will do all the work for you and give you the exact result you are looking for without knowing your skin type. Although one should be cautious, experimenting with different types of skin products is an ideal way of choosing the right product just for you. This should take place after one has discovered his or her skin type.

Some people find the right beauty product without any problems and others have to go great length before finding the right product. It took me a while to find the right foundation that suits my skin type and colour.

Some prefer foundations in a powder form or creamy. Any of these are suitable and could be a model of finding out whether you should use an oil-free foundation or not. When this is done, facial wash or a deep cleansing lotion is essential. I have been using the same facial wash for over a decade now which works very good with my skin type.

I have also found a deep cleansing lotion which I use at least four times a week and the result is remarkably good. Finding the right foundation was not as easy as I thought. I went from Fashion Fair to Mary Kay, Mac Cosmetics and now to INGLOT foundation which suits my skin type and colour perfectly.

Although I haven't tried Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse, I have come across many clients who seem to be very satisfied with it. Beauty advices from your friends or family are free of charge but have in mind that just because a product is good for a friend or family does not mean can be good for you as well.

One of the best ways to get good advices for free is by seeking assistant before purchasing a product. We live in a commercialize society and more so often we purchase goods that we probably don't need.

Cosmetic and Beauty companies do well to make sure their consumers buy their high brand, revolutionary products, which promise a glowing, radiant skin. Do not be fooled! Do not change a product based on what you have seen on a commercial.

I have never encountered any problems with my queen Elizabeth cocoa butter hand and body lotion and  therefore have no intention  of replacing it with another product either. I managed to forget my body lotion when going for a vacation this summer. I took the risk and bought low cost lotion.

Low cost products so often are associated with low quality. One will however be surprise that some low cost products are not as bad as they may seem. What one should take into consideration when buying these low cost products or any other product is the chemical substances. Boots seems to have very affordable body lotions and oils. My favourite is Boots Mango and Orange Blossom body lotion which I bought for a very reasonable price.

Then we have the alternative natural home made products. Some are good in making their own beauty product and believe me it is not as difficult as it may seem. Experiment with fruit and vegetables, make your own facial mask or body scrub or purchased a finished one from Body shop.

I have also heard that too much of everything is bad. Do take a break from make-up sometimes, last but not the least; do not go to bed with your make-up on. Apart from all these, eat healthy balanced meal, drink a lot of water and minimise your intake of sugar. It is worth knowing your skin type. It will make things easier for you.

By: Mabel Korlekie/GhanaCelebrities.Com

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