Streets of Tamale By Renowned Photographer Achel Leonard

By Azuraa Bukari Ayuba
People & Places Streets of Tamale By Renowned Photographer Achel Leonard
NOV 6, 2023 LISTEN

Tamale, a vibrant city in northern Ghana, comes alive through the lens of renowned photographer Achel Leonard. In his captivating photo docu-series, Leonard brings to life the essence of Tamale's streets, offering a glimpse into the everyday lives of its natives, commuters, traders, and dedicated workers.

The heart of Tamale beats in its streets, where people of diverse backgrounds and aspirations converge. Leonard's pictures beautifully capture the rhythm of the city as commuters hustle and bustle, traders barter and negotiate, and workers prepare for the upcoming week.

Each image tells a story of resilience, determination, and the unique charm that defines this city. The central business district of Tamale serves as a focal point in Leonard's documentary.

His lens delves into the daily activities of traders, showcasing the rich tapestry of goods on display, from vibrant textiles to fresh produce. Through his photos, we witness the dedication and hard work that underpin these small businesses, providing a deeper understanding of the economic life of Tamale.

The pictures in this series not only offer a visual feast but also provide a cultural narrative, portraying the city's soul in its purest form. The colorful, lively, and bustling scenes give viewers a true taste of Tamale's spirit, inviting them to connect with the people who call this city home.

Achel Leonard's "Streets of Tamale" is a visual journey that celebrates the diversity, resilience, and vibrancy of a city that may be lesser known to the world but is undoubtedly a treasure waiting to be discovered through the lens of a talented photographer.











Author; Azuraa Bukari Ayuba