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What do you know about body enhancement?

By Issah Sophia
What do you know about body enhancement?

Body enhancement is blooming in Ghana, Africa and other continents. People now see body enhancement as normal thing and fashion as well. There has been a rise in body enhancement and women are more willing to enhance their bodies than men. The motive behind it is to have a perfect body they wish for.

Body enhancement is can be best described as the natural, artificial or technological alteration of human body in order to enhance physical or mental capabilities. Examples of body enhancement are, piercing, Tattooing Implanting, Breast reduction and enlargement, Facelift, liposuction Tummy tuck, Brazilian butt lift, whitening of skin and many more. Some use body enhancement drugs and others undergo cosmetic surgery procedure

What are the reasons behind body enhancement?

In every group of humans in known and recorded history, there have been members who enhanced their bodies and the reasons behind their choices vary widely. Body enhancement is now a trending Fashion and people think it boosts beauty. People with low self-esteem, low life satisfaction, low self–rated attractiveness. People don’t accept the fact that they are beautiful the way they look.

They don’t have confidence in their appearance by having fat tummies, flat buttocks, and many more. For example, people do multiple surgeries to enhance their buttocks just to have the confidence to rock in their bikinis and their tightening dresses by slimming their abdomen, waist and thighs while improving their buttocks.

Another example, pregnancy or significant weight loss can create a rapid fluctuations in breast size because of this, people undergo breast lift surgery by tightening their breasts to look more elevated and youthful. People enhance their body just to elevate their self-esteem. Body shaming is another reason why people enhance their bodies. Some people insult or tease people with their body shape or part of their body and they don’t feel comfortable within society and this challenges them to enhance their body.

A large body research has documented the influence of social media, Television programs and Advertisements influence young people to enhance their body. Advertisement on body enhancement drugs for hip and buttocks enlargement, pink lips, flat tummy and the rest influence people to buy and use them without knowing the complications. All these motivate people to enhance their body.

Does body enhancement cost?

Yes, body enhancement is really expensive especially cosmetic surgery. People pay huge amounts of money for altering their bodies and the drugs too are expensive. In Ghana, people especially women pay an amount of eight hundred thousand Ghana cedis for liposuction. The amount you will pay depends on the enhancement you want.

What are the complications?

People normally don’t do research on the correct procedure for the body part they are seeking enhancement so this has resulted in many complications. Sometimes, for one to achieve what he or she wants he or she may involve more than one procedure to refine the result and this can cause harm to the person’s health.

Health experts recorded a high number of complications of the use of body enhancement drugs and cosmetic surgeries. Some of the drugs contain a chemical that is harmful to our health and it can cause damage to our liver, kidney and our heart as well. Others too surgeries went wrong and have regretted of what they have done to their bodies. Many people have lost their lives due to body enhancement.

Advice to people who wants to enhance their body

Let us build on our self-esteem by accepting the fact that we are naturally beautiful and must put a stop to body shaming. Buying enhancement drugs can kill you by destroying your kidney, liver and your heart.

Source: Issah Sophia

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