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How To Overcome Pornography Addiction In Today's Internet Age !

By Rotimi Onadipe
How To Overcome Pornography Addiction In Today's Internet Age !
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Pornography addiction is defined as being dependent on pornographic materials to the extent that it interferes with daily life, relationships, finances or other aspects of human life. It is a behaviour that has a very strong influence on the life of anyone involved in it. The more you watch pornographic materials, the more you want to watch.

Porn addiction is like any other chronic addictive behaviour e.g. alcohol, drug and gambling addiction. It is very rampant among youths in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. It is destroying lives and breaking homes on a daily basis. In 2018 the World Health Organisation added compulsive sexual behaviour as a mental health disorder.

A pornography addict may not be able to succeed in life and he or she may never have a peaceful home until he or she is able to overcome the addiction.

Watching pornography is very easy because it requires less effort than interacting with a partner. This is why social media addicts are the most vulnerable to pornography addiction.

Advancement of technology, particularly the introduction of the internet, social media, smartphone, iPad etc has increased the rate at which people get addicted to pornographic materials.

According to Pornhub, the world leading free porn site, 42 billion visits were recorded in 2019 which is approximately 115 million per day.

Overcoming pornography addiction may look difficult but it is possible if the right steps and precautions are taken.


1. Sexual sin.

2. Lack of moral education.

3. Lack of internet safety education.

4. Watching of immoral videos.

5. Family conflicts.

6. Drug & alcohol addiction.

7. Depression.


1. Losing interest in other activities.

2. Watching pornographic materials for a long time.

3. Spending money on pornographic materials at the expense of other personal needs.

4. Using pornography to cope with anxiety or sadness.

5. Making attempts to stop watching pornography but unable to do so.

6. Watching pornography secretly at work, school, in the toilet or any other place that is not appropriate.

7. Having problems with job or school e.g. poor performance.


1. It has negative impact on work and academic performance of students.

2. It leaves anyone involved in it with a sense of guilt and shame.

3. It damages sex life.

4. It may easily destroy marriage and family relationship.

5. It increases the number of rape cases in the society.

6. It may lead to sex addiction.

7. It may lead to unwanted pregnancy.


1. Repent, rededicate your life to God and begin to live a life that is free from sin and evil.

2. Avoid watching immoral videos and other pornographic materials.

3. Spend more time on productive activities.

4. Always think about the consequences of pornography addiction.

5. Disassociate yourself from other pornography addicts.

6. Write down your goals for each day and focus on how to achieve them.

7. When all efforts to stop it prove abortive, seek professional help from counselors.

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