'There’s a spiritual reason' — Phone repairer reveals why they toss people

  Mon, 01 Mar 2021
Social & Status 'There’s a spiritual reason' — Phone repairer reveals why they toss people

Born James Obeng, a phone repairer has given reasons why phone repairers usually delay while repairing faulty phones.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with’s First Lady on the ‘Adwuma Adwuma’ show, the veteran phone repairer indicated that most Ghanaians have the perception that phone repairers do not fulfil their promise.

However, James said the perception of the public about phone repairers is not far from the truth but the fact it is, there is a reason which people find it hard to comprehend.

According to him, phone repairing involves a lot of processes and time.

He said base on what the client describes about the faulty phone, they set a date for collection. However, in the course of repairs, they discover other issues that may have triggered the problem. In doing that, he added that it will require more days and time to be able to fix it.

Mr James indicated that some of the problems may be difficult to fix and in an attempt to fix it may trigger another problem.

He asserted that going through the phone to figure out the exact problem isn’t an easy task which sometimes requires prayers and direction from God.

Watch him speak below;