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Courtesy; Tour Guide

Courtesy; Tour Guide
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Travelling around the world exposes you to different customs and etiquette that differ from one culture to another. Courtesy is polite behaviour towards other people. Behaviour varies from one society to the other. Some behaviour might be accepted in a particular society and at the same time rejected or seen as taboo in another society. Society defines individual’s attitude and behavior. For instance, in Japan slurping foods is allowed. Japanese slurp soups and noodles to show appreciation whiles loud slurping maybe rude in U.S and other countries. Ignorance of one’s culture and norm may cause embarrassment and offense. However, learning and knowing one’s culture enlightens you on how to relate to different people with different cultural background. Culture is unique, in as much your way of life is different from other people’s culture never prejudice against them. Respect the people and toe in line with their culture.

Mind your manners wherever you find yourself.

List of countries and their etiquette

  • Ghana

Invite and Pay Bill

In the Ghanaian etiquette, whoever invites you to an outing takes care of the bills. when you invite and you don’t pay for the drinks and food is rude towards Ghanaians. Make sure you take enough money on you to fund the expenses.

  • Arab

Hide the Sole of Your Shoe

Shoe is considered dirty and unclean. The shoe is seen as offensive symbol. The sole of the feet is considered as the lowest part of the body used on the floor. Therefore is not regarded as prominent. Remove your shoes before entering the homes, worship places, and sacred places in Arab. Also wearing shoes to the mosque is offensive Do not lift up your leg to cross to expose your soles to the second party.

  • Venezuela

Be late

Lateness is considered as indiscipline. Most people hate lateness but in Venezuela, when you attend programs on time, you are seen as being much eager and greedy to eat and drink at the event. Show up 10 to 15 minute after the actual starting time.

  • China and Japan

Slurp your food

In the western culture you eat silently and talk less at the dinning table. Chewing and making noise is seen as being rude. In china and Japan you must slurp your soup and noodles to show delight and appreciation.

  • Sub Saharan Africa

Greet by spiting

Spitting at someone is seen as uncivilized in most cultures. In Kenya,the Maasai people spit on each other as assign of respect, to greet each other, welcome or wish good luck. Do not show signs of displeasure to spit and receive spits from the natives.

The world is a beautiful place filled with people of different cultures, explore to experience.

Lydia Amponsah
Lydia Amponsah

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