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Vaginal Care

Vaginal Care
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Confidence in sexual life influence your physical and mental stability when your genitals are healthy and in good shape. Having healthy genitals is everyone’s priority. Unhealthy genitals may affect the immune system as well as the daily activities of the individual. The necessity of pleasing your partner during sexual intercourse should not be ignored. Healthy sex with safe partner makes happy relationship.

Both male and female genital organs are delicate therefore, needs much attention. Most females are worried and intimidated by the smell and discharge of their vagina. The vagina has natural smell, cleansing agent which cleanses and regulate the pH of the vagina. Any other foul smell and discharge may be symptoms of underlying infections. Vaginal odour may be bacterial or fungi infection, that makes the vagina smell like stale fish.

Hygiene Tips

  • Wear cotton panties. Avoid wearing thongs and nylon panties as they cause heat and sweat breeding bacterial.
  • Avoid inserting filthy long or short nails or fingers into to the vagina.
  • Avoid tight panties. The vaginal needs aeration not heat.
  • Wash and rinse thoroughly all new underwear before you wear them.
  • Discard panties after 6 months of use.
  • Avoid douching or the use of strong soap, deodorant sprays, wipes, feminine hygiene wash, bubble bath and others may cause allergies or irritation destroying the natural floral of the vagina.
  • Prolong use of antibiotics destroys good bacterial. Eat healthy foods such as yoghurt, pineapple, garlic etc., helps produce and maintain the pH and normal smell of the vagina.
  • Rinse the vagina with clean water thoroughly to remove excess secretion of fluid in and around the labia.
  • Wipe from front to back, to prevent bacterial from moving from the anus to the vagina.
  • Change pads regularly during menstruation. Do not wear one pad for the whole day. Change pads 3 to 4 times in a day depending on your flow (heavy or light).

Note, every healthy vagina discharges clear, stretchy white cervical mucus without itching. This indicates fertility. Any other secretion that appears thick, cloudy white or yellowish or pinkish or greenish accompanied by itching and foul smell may be symptoms of infection. Some infection may not show symptoms. Regular checkup of the vagina by gynecologist may prove the vagina to be healthy or unhealthy.

Lydia Amponsah
Lydia Amponsah

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